October 4, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Hot Takes 10/13/19

  1. I feel for DMX. I hope he finds the strength to overcome his addiction and demons.

    I’m not surprised about the Kylie Travis split. I couldn’t see them lasting for more than a year. I think Stormi may have helped them stay together as long as they did.

    Kendall been bussing it wide open. I think the Kardashians are under much more scrutiny than the Jenners, even though they have the same mama

  2. I can’t believe dusty chapped Reptar looking Travis cheated on plastic Mattel built Kylie
    Is she back with tyga?
    And is safaree and Erica Christians now they’re saying they thank God and their love seems real anybody got any information

    1. Prayers to DMX 🙏🏾

      wow so what went down on the recent episode of Jersey Shore was real, thought it was staged 😭 damn Jwoww. Never liked Angelina why would they want her back on the show. whew, Sammy dodged a bullet, good to see she’s at peace with her life

    1. I agree I want A story on them also. Ronnie ass stay high and going thru it wit his bm & JWow get on my dam nerve cause she think she is the shit and think she kno everything!!! I want A story on the whole cast cause y Vinny & Pauly D always be saying they bf&gf 🤔that dam Angelina chik just seem whorish. I think Snooki husband be knocking her upside the head too and that’s y she was acting so stupid bout being around Vinny when everybody got back together after taking a break from the show. Scared of that husband i assume.

  3. I can only speak for myself, but when it comes to Kendall, I kinda see her as a masculine female. So for me, I don’t really care enough. She kinda just flies under the radar of thought.

    Can’t say I really blame Kylie for wanting to wait on another baby. She kind of gave her childhood over to Tyga and then she went straight from Tyga to Travis Scott. So maybe she’s going to THOT for a little bit. Follow in her sister’s footsteps.🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. Kylie & Tyga grew on me- they were cute together. Still don’t see the Travis Scott appeal- but Stormi is the cutest… Isn’t Khloe back with Tristan? I think he needs the publicity- outside of cheating on her nobody is really checking for him… and she just seems to be a doormat for love. Kendall isn’t interesting IMO- that’s why she gets a hoe pass. She’s the Jenner equivalent of Kourtney…

  5. The real reason why Kardashian/ Jenner ladies are constantly getting cheated on because they have low self esteem and low self value. Those plastic fools don’t value themselves let alone any other man.

  6. I mean look at beyonce. She’s beyonce and she gets cheated on if beyonce can get cheated on so can j wow nothing special about her

  7. I find it sad that dmx is in and out of rehab. I see that he has alot of strength and he is willing to change…about j woww. She attracts these kind of men’s, maybe she needs to find herself a man who is more like gianni(Snooki’s man) stop looking for those pumped up man!!

  8. Kylee – her surrogate is not ready yet still negotiating ? Quovo might want to get put in that slot next and step into that tabloid world , he thinks Trav fumbled the bag and isnt pimpish enough to handle the Kards spotlight , Sweetee isnt trending enough either .

    Harvey – IDK but Rose and Chelsee had legit beef in the NYC politic society circle once upon a time so her mom can get the smoke too LOL .

    Swift – these stupid women follow behind Madge and she will outlive all of them = Madge is beyond the talmuud because she sexed plenty of black men AND women but the one we see performing is a clone . The real Madge is shriveled up like Ashlee and MaryKate somewhere .

    Earl – the real X is coming down with MS ? SMDH but this guy running around is a clone because the real Earl remembers everybody MC rhymes AND knows the bible verbatim .

    Ken – if Ken and Tay could be together they would be considered the new power couple EUGHK but they have too many business obligations based on their sex appeal to come out the closet .

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