October 4, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Quick Hits 10/11/19 We Quickly Touch On Some of Today’s Sweetest Sugar

  1. I can’t sit through another Giselle movie. Her “acting” & spoken word is absolutely painful. I still won’t watch the Lion King remake

    I would never be out hand & hand w/a relative or friend’s ex. How gross. I don’t doubt for a second Khloe & Scott have done more than that together they look too familiar w/eachother

    I wonder how long Liam & Miley want to play this game w/eachother. Funny enough this new woman facially resembles Miley. Before she didn’t mind flaunting these flings but I know she’s pissed if Liam actually DOES move on.

      1. Same. They had a nice lineup but putting Bey in it seemed like it was just for clout. She can’t act and sounds like she can barely read

      2. Baby she can’t read that good. Ole girl didn’t finish high school let alone get her G.E.D.

      3. I’m still scared to see it too since I grew up on the original animated version and it just can’t be topped. They should’ve left it alone honestly

  2. Khloe probably has been with Scott.. they do that.. Kendall was talking to Travis before Kylie was
    I think Liam is too good of a guy for Miley.. she a thot.. he tried to tame her but that didn’t last., he should move on
    Wasn’t they all jealous of Cindy?

      1. It’s only 1 movie that i can say Bey was good on and that’s Cadillac Records. Maybe because she was addicted to drugs on there…hmmm🤔

    1. She was the new Dawn or something like that. Because Dawn was out! They should’ve stayed EV3….

      What fashion week debacle??

    2. Not sure how long shes been with the group but listen to their song “Rocket.” Its only the new girl and 2 originals from the group not all 5

    3. Rhona Bennett. She replaced Maxine and Dawn when they left. She used to play Nicole on the Jamie Foxx show. She’s been off and on in the group since the early 2000’s.

  3. Beyonce was good in Dreamgirls bcuz she played herself…

    Liam and Miley are a mess… doing the most…

  4. Saw the Lion King remake, she was pretty much Beyonce in the movie. No chemistry between her and Donald Glover. It was just a horrible movie period. She didn’t add or make it worse. It was just bad! I like Beyoncé but after following this blog I side eye her a lot now because she is so calculating with her moves but she is Beyonce so why wouldn’t she be. I think Miley is yuck! Yuck! Sad she is Hollywood royalty because she is yuck. No man in their right mind should want that. Especially after she has been worn out in Hollywood by her dad. And those Kardashians are walking Kontradictions with a capital K. Now y’all were and still are so worried about the situation with Jordyn sitting on Tristans lap blah blah blah but Khloe has taken private trips with Scott, holds his hand, kisses him I’m sure. Sent pics of her pus, yet Jordyn ruined her home and Kylie was worried about Travis. Used this incident to increase ratings which will eventually end because who cares at this point. Your just boosting her career now because they have used 2 seasons to tell this boring ass story. Their full of shit. Period. I’m so sick of Cardi. She’s always got something to respond to and then back tracking to kiss ass. She needs to take a break from life! But has anyone noticed that since her friend been out of jail, they haven’t been hanging much??? I thought that was her bestie. Guess when she revealed that ass whopping she was done with her. I’m sure that was Offset and quality control telling her what to do like they did in the Motorsport lyric situation.

    1. I been threw Cardi out in the bath water when her first single came out ……didnt like her rapping and still dont

  5. Terry looks amazing after all these years. Maxine looks like she’s ready to whoop somebody’s ass in that picture lol. I never understood why she chose to leave the group in the first place.

    Lmao at Cardi wishing AIDS on Access Hollywood. Not even an individual but the whole damn brand lol. Sorry but that’s hilarious. She crazy

  6. I’m surprised but NOT surprised AT ALL that Cardi lawsuit was DENIED against Tasha K and RIGHTFULLY SO!!!!! From the beginning I kept saying CARDI AINT GON GET NOWHERE WITH THIS LAWSUIT 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️😂😂 she had no case at all.

    Just like when cardi said she wasn’t a blood or whatever she said WHEN ALL THE EVIDENCE CAN BE EASILY FOUND THAT SHE REP BLOODS smh

  7. Cardigan Brown said what she said because dude got “put on” by Magic ? Vogue is going all digital so they need her for content but AW is still high in the coven so IDK . The fact that TK court case thrown out proves that ol stargirl didnt lie or that TK is really an exmilitary asset . They are both infoagents IMO .

    Notice once Cardigan supported Bernard spoke out on Donald , all her bad behavior started being heavily scrutinized ? But dont forget Donald got the man out of foriegn jail ASAP and let him back into the US and sent him to Yeezy church LOL .

    Giselle should have really shot the On The Run as a real movie or was that just the commercial for their tour IDK ?

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