October 4, 2022

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34 thoughts on “The Real Reason That Amanda Seales Was Removed From The Black Emmy Party and Who Really Had Her Removed

  1. Part of me had hope for Amanda, but she does entirely too much. I understand why they didnt want her there, but I don’t understand why she would continue to force herself on folks that do not care to be around her. I know she knows exactly how they feel about her

    I wish she didnt go around tryna force her opinions and beliefs on everybody.

    Between her and Charlemagay, they’re making all of us Cancers look bad

      1. Industry wise, he’s doing pretty well, but he is still hella rude and disrespectful at times. He’s only less annoying bc he’s not complaining as much as she is and he don’t have diarrhea at the mouth like Amanda

  2. She’s an outsider, but I always thought it was because she is not with the Hollywood bullshit. I like her and I always want to root for her, but I can’t understand why she would continue to try and go into the party when it was clear they did not want her there. And those are her words!

  3. I like her she isn’t with the bs that a lot of fake Black Hollywood ppl are on she calls it out and doesn’t care I really don’t see why she should rub shoulders with any of those ppl there fake af

  4. imma say this ( i feel is safe/mature here)I like here some of the times i do follow her on instagram as she has caribbean woman in hollywood but i don’t think she’s funny and she’s too loud for me.

  5. Amanda basically said this exact thing, except for Issa being the one to make the call lol. I say this meaning your source is right lol. Amanda has continuously told on herself pertaining to this party. The sad part is that Amanda just refuses to get or understand why she was rejected. Amanda makes a lot of valid points, but she is self entitled and narcissistic. Which is why she thinks she is in the right. Amanda reminds me of Azaelia Banks, both smart girls who make great points, but are crazy and toxic. I expect her to be written off of Insecure.

    1. I mean you know you are narcissistic when you don’t lie on yourself. This heffa keeps telling the truth on how she was dead wrong lol.

      1. Yes lol. All you have to do is watch her IG stories. She consistently talks about being put out that party and ppl who keep saying she is wrong lol. She is unhinged lol

  6. I didn’t realize Amanda from Disney or Amanda the diva …. I had to go back to refresh my mind.
    I did see a stand up of hers that I did not like👎🏼

    I tried to like the girl, but she rubs me the wrong way. She’s def a narcissist and she needs a therapist. A really good one ❗️🤷🏻‍♀️

    Maybe just maybe after some therapy and Jesus in her life she can calm the hate she has in her blood. Cus she acts like a damn republican 🤦🏻‍♀️

  7. Hell Amanda’s mouth revoke not only the Emmy’s but Black Hollywood period. I remember what she said about Rolle and that was fucked up. There is a time and a place for everything and this time wasn’t it.

  8. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere I wasn’t wanted. I think that anyone who said they wouldn’t attend if Amanda came and wouldn’t support Issa anymore are some bitch ass whatever. Then don’t come but why hold it against Issa. The cast couldn’t do anything so I don’t hold it against them either. Amanda should’ve just sat this one out. I don’t blame the person who threw it either. I do think it’s petty given the fact that this community is small. Apparently a lot of people feel a way about Amanda. Maybe this will make her rethink her personality, maybe it won’t.

  9. She is an excellent example of when keeping it real goes wrong. There are many things I agree with her on, but her attitude is aggressive and nasty. Everyone is free to have their opinions on things, but it is the delivery of these differences which can make or break your stance. I don’t think Amanda has efficiently managed the art of delivery.

    This situation could have been handled totally differently, especially with this being the only “Black Hollywood Emmy’s” post party, thrown by a Black woman — a group of people Amanda claims so always be defending. Not a good look. This could have been hashed out in private.

  10. Wondering.. why she still gets the HBO stand up special, the voiceovers, the book deal, and a spot as guest host on daytime tv? If she is that problematic ..she seems to be able to wiggle her way thru and continue working. I agree with some who say she’s loud and extra at times, fine. So what is the real tea with Rolle? Did he not open the door, to a date in nothing but a towel? That sounds kinda predatorial to me. Also I thought this season coming up on Insecure was the last, so how would they be writing her off? Lol I understand you don’t care for her much but would love to know more tea on her and her career

  11. I think that Amanda is too real for the fake Hollywood bullshit period. Issa Rae is now a darling in the industry and is on some low key fake Hollywood ish just playing the game. Amanda is a true cancerian and I get her. Mouth is reckless but heart is pure and real. Sadly, that doesn’t make for a good recipe for Hollywood success

  12. Met her personal 3 times since 2010 and she’s always been a cunt. And I’ve never heard otherwise from others. Whole story doesn’t shock me

    1. Funny you say this, because there was a Twitter thread that started where people shared their experiences with meeting Amanda and everyone basically said the same thing you did.

      I went to one of her comedy shows last year, follow her and listen to her podcast a little bit, but I didn’t realize she was this off the chain. Yikes..

  13. This is definitely allegedly because they were together at the four seasons in Westlake village. Leaving in the west san Fernando valley we see numerous that blogs post about and numerous people and situations that do not get posted that you would think would. I say that to say I don’t believe this story as to be 100% true & ol boy came out & said that because Amanda made a comment when he got the other cast member pregnant. Ive met Issa on the set of Little which co-stars my cousin & she was less than pleasant

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