October 2, 2022

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28 thoughts on “O.T.P Off The Press Behind The Scenes Of My Publicist Group Chat

  1. I’m gonna take this as the confirmation we’ve been already knowing but was never told in hoetails, ladies and gentlemen Cardi been smashing Bruno Mars while offset been smashing who knows who & we don’t care hahaha. Don’t know why she just don’t get with Bruno they’d be a much better couple/look than her and UPset IMO. A rapper/singer couple would actually be dope. Plus Bruno need to drop that chick he so called dating, they relationship look stale at least her and Bruno would be entertaining. I’d be here for it 🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. I totally agree. Offbrand seems to be benefiting from Cardi than she is with him. Her and Bruno would be interesting

      1. They would and yeah he is benefiting. Even down to his kids I feel he flaunt’s kulture more than his other kids. How surprising the child he has with another celeb gets flaunted but barely the ones with the babymama’s before fame…

      2. Exactly! He is trifling for that and that could really affect his other children negatively.

        Plus, I don’t recall anybody claiming him as their fav til Cardi came along. As far as Migos go, most people name Quavo or Takeoff as their favorite.

  2. Off topic… I know you don’t talk much about reality tv… but WTF is going on with Ronnie Magro.. omg that whole storyline is crazy and I swear he is a coke addict

  3. I just don’t see her hitting Bruno. Not her type of dude, at all. But stranger things have happened with the bag is involved.

    1. That’s Hollywood for you. Folks that don’t run in the same circle or even the same career field and you’d never expect them to even really know each other, but come to find out they been smashing on the low for months/years.

  4. @G what’s up with Deon Cole this dude is blowing up he’s on blackish, grownish, and a standup show just came on Netflix and has the checkered board floor 🤔

      1. Checker board is just a Masonic symbol. Just shows you down/ or about to be down. I don’t think there is a sign for pedo in the game, if you are one you just are one. That’s not including that pizzagate crap where those politicians were emailing back and forth and talking about “buying pizza” but in reality where actually talking about buying underage kids.

      1. True true not taking anything away from him I’m just wondering and most of the time they’ve been grinding also until they catch the right person eye and are willing to do whatever

  5. Joe looks like he would never be faithful to anyone

    I agree about Cardi just officially being with Bruno that might keep her relevant and interesting a little while longer

    The girls from en Vogue were messyyyy 👀

    1. It would be cute to see them goofing off on live no lie and the music they put out is pretty good. Every time offset pop up anywhere on her page I just roll my eyes with his coat tail riding ass.

  6. OMG 😳… I knew something was up with Dawn… Everytime something came up her name was the reason it failed. I need Cardi to go on somewhere….and wait… I thought I’d read on a conspiracy page that Bruno is a transgender? Also.. where has he been anyway???

  7. TF is up with Dawn didn’t know she was that trifling
    I always thought Joe and Cyn were a story line relationship then she got pregnant then after the baby felt insecure about herself and said Joe wasn’t F’n her enough
    I didnt think Bruno was Cardi type but what do I know 🤷🏾‍♀️

  8. He said “ole dude from Tony! Toni! Tone*”

    Damn. It’s okay to put some respect on the legendary Raphael Saadiq’s name, shit lol

    I low key wanna see Cardi with a ghetto ass Dominican just like her. The guys she pick are gross lookin. She’s no looker herself but she can still do better.

  9. So did Cardi fuck Bruno Mars? *flashback to the bkind item saying for Cardi to say who she fucked to get back on top* anyone?

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