October 4, 2022

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62 thoughts on “Hot Takes – 10/07

  1. Ok did Giselle looks strange in the pics from the Tyler Perry event. And it sure was a lot of stuff going on.

    1. I thought she was tiffany Haddish #nolie and those pics weren’t flattering at all. On kway instasnap he recorded bey and jay walking and bey butt was wide as kim k’s

  2. That just proves Beyonce can’t act. Give it up. Being in a Tyler Perry production should not be something you hang your hat on.

  3. Giselle really?!? Lmao. She must be desperate if she is going to be in movies that even Kim Kardashian has appeared on before her.

    1. Right she act like she so much better than her. At least Kim has a degree and licensed to practice law. Bey uneducated bumpkin ass can only gwerk and sing on stage. Shame Tina Knowles shame.

    1. Tasha K spilled last night on her. Because they want to drugged folks up with Molly and Estacy pills so TI & Tiny can have their way with the prostitute. Nobody don’t want to fuck with them like that. Drugging people so Tiny can have sex with the prostitutes. They are doing too much.

  4. What I thought to and piggy I mean tiny we’re doing good
    And offset cheating with who a man or woman
    I’m glad tyga is back with Kylie I like them
    Is Tristan gonna chest on mr Khloe again or is he done

  5. Kylie needs to live her life and stop letting haters talk…. she just gave away a bunch of money .. they gon talk regardless 🙄

    Tiny has always looked like an alien to me .. the surgeries made her look worse

    Lori needs to stay away from controlling ass Diddy
    Some girls just don’t recognize their worth 🤔 .. this def can’t be a daddy issue neither 😏 it’s a pimping ass momma issue ❗️

    Omg Beyonce needs to go away for 2 years until pple miss her… she’s so annoying …

    1. Lol the crazy thing is i don’t think people will miss Giselle anymore she ruining her the last days of her music career bringing jay z with her all the time. People are literally tired of her.

      Lori going to make a fool of diddy

      1. For real she be dragging her sponsor around … she not tryna deactivate herself … she just wanna make it seem like she switched careers. Sit cho ass down !

      2. Honestly, I believe Diddy will make Steve life HELL before Lori does him wrong. I think their relationship ties into Kim’s demise.

    2. Didn’t & me and G told y’all this a while back in the Diddy series and on Instagram? Marjorie knows Steve is losing a ton of money for what she and Steve did towards his CURRENT WIFE MARY AND ESSIE. Go pull up the Steve Harvey name in the search button and read it.

      1. Yup I rememba, she tryna make Lori get off Steve’s bag cus he was loosing jobs … tryna make her bundle of joy get herself anotha bag …..

        How about u show that girl how to make a fucking bag … Lori can come out with YouTube videos, extensions, makeup whatevs.

        Instead she following her mommas foot steps .. her momma ain’t neva did nothing so she won’t neither 👀😒

    3. Beyonce needs to go away period.. She no longer needs to be missed.

      just visualizing Tiny having sex is gross

  6. Bringing up world hunger is the cover up for I don’t wanna see your riches in my face haha but her deleting the pic ain’t taking that car back to the dealership, she still has the expensive car lol

  7. Lori better be very very careful – Diddy knocked the “the love of his (so called) life off.” Lori tread lightly … Because Trouble AKA Skoob DONT want no Trouble – he’s straight street outta East Atlanta. He was shooting his shot at Kash Doll then he landed on Alexis Sky (I smelled fake relationship here, tho) – Now Lori – Maybe they’re doing it to give him (Trouble) some buzz in the BLOGS 🤷🏽‍♀️ … But this makes her look like a pass around. She’s been linked to Justin Combs, Trey Songs, Future, Lewis Hamilton and Memphis Depay. Whew Chile did I miss anybody 👀👀🤦🏾‍♀️

  8. So Kyga gonna make their debut?
    Atlanta was so beautiful this weekend with Tyler Perry studios…such class!

  9. Yall might as well change the name to ncaseudidntknow about Kylie. Whats the tea on old hollywood? Why y’all stop doing that? What happened to part 2 of the Jermaine Jackson story? Jenners, kardashians,diddy,jlo and this whole cardi/nicki/meghan debate is getting a little stale

  10. Why she look so tan? Summer is over…..

    Why does Diddy suspecting? His resources aren’t strong enough for it to be verified? I’m surprised he even lets her out of his sight. I can see Meek still wanting to try.

    1. I am crying!!!! I would love to be a fly on the wall when Tip has convinced they young lady to have sex then he’s like uhhhh you gotta let Tiny hit too, then she’s like….aight imma head out!!!!!! lol

  11. Put her in more of his movies? She cant act. I’m STILL pissed at how she phucced up the Nala character in the Lion King movie……SHE SUCKS AT ACTING!!!

    1. I still haven’t seen LK because of her voice during the previews. Why the lion have a DEEP southern accent??? I’m mad… I Loved that movie too…**kicks rocks***

  12. I thought it was weird seeing Gisselle take a pic wit kway! I’m like 🙄 she ain’t win none of her nominees so now she cappin, trynna befriend everybody! Foh she so fake. Next she gonna drop a new home video she made from when the twins were born or something 😩😆 we know ya antics, sis u ain’t low 😆😆😆 Next

  13. OMG I the second I saw that news article of Giselle popping up at Tyler’s studio party for a whopping $250 MILLION I knew she was an opportunist.
    She ain’t never shpported him in anything and she randomly shows up? Nah she’s trying to break in movies and he’s levelling up from Madea. Tyler so thristy for A List talent hellh let her. I’m mad because the bitch can’t act especially now that she’s zombied out.

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