October 4, 2022

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31 thoughts on “The Real Reason Why Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown Did Not Go On Tour Together

  1. Soo…Nicki was upset that Chris and drake were collabing and decided to give the cold shoulder? On top of folks not really trusting her ticket sells? Wow Nicki and drake are something else. They go toe to toe with the pettiness I swear, but drake just always ends up with the upper hand haha

  2. At times it sounds as if Onika is looking for loyalty and commitment in an environment/industry that doesn’t have those types of core values. Bottom line is business is business. You have to move past your emotions and expectations that people will pass up a meal / plate = A BAG when they’re to feed their family just like you and. Everybody else. The entertainment industry (for the most part) isn’t a death before dishonor INDUSTRY- Issa I have to feed myself and my family industry so I’ll run elbows with the ppl I don’t like to ensure me and my family will eat. How could she be offended by this??? She’s been in the industry long enough to know that loyalty is far and few in between ppl who want to eat. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Sorry not sorry Chris Brown is on your he just left my city meanwhile she’s planning a wedding if not already some where married. 🥴🥴

    1. She fail to realize these people are her coworkers not her family members. They don’t owe her nothing her problem is she too spoiled and full of herself

  3. Nicki was in her feelings and that stopped a bag for her. I wish she was able to see that not everybody is taking sides. I’m not really a fan of hers but that tour would’ve been really good.

  4. Im glad nicki didn’t go on tour with cokehead brown. I never thought they we’re going on tour together in the first place. Nicki has every right to decide if she wants to go on tour with or not. Good Job nicki. Love you

  5. At this point she won’t have anyone to tour with because the bigger names have worked or will work with Drake & the up-n-comers want to work with him. This juvenile stance is ridiculous. She should focus more on why her tickets aren’t selling?

    1. Imagine if Rihanna had this attitude. She wouldn’t be able to work with anyone in the industry. They will kiss her ass and at the same time either date or sleep with or collaborate with the same man that abused her.

      At some point, you just have to grow up and do you. Periodt.

  6. I agree with everyone so far. Nicki is ridiculous. She’s looking for loyalty in an industry where everyone is for self. No wonder she retired.

    1. Co-sign, Team Taurus ♉ here. I would love to see all three of them on the tour together. The thing with me about Drake is I don’t like when he rap. I love when he sings RnB, but rap? Nope!

  7. Y’all cannot blame Nicki after everything they did to her. Maybe she feels like they we’re going to sabotage her.

  8. Nicki and Drake need to go ahead and makeup and then f*ck one good time because they do too much I think its some tension lol

  9. So did Drake n Nicki actually f&ck because yea there is clearly tension there.
    *off subject* can we get tea on Meagan Good and her husband

  10. Say it ain’t so Nick
    Im a huge Nicky supporter but damn she let a lot of personal feelings get in the way of that bag . So disappointed
    That tour with her in Chris would’ve been epic in my opinion

  11. Nicki should have gotten over it and did that tour. Screw Drake, this is about HER bag not his. Do what you got to do sis.

  12. So Nicki ain’t tour wit CB bc he did a song wit Drake? 😒😒😒😒😒 Drake apilealiesed to everybody and neither are messing with rhianna no more so what’s the problem?? She coulda just said ‘ dnt bring that nigga on stage wit u’ and it all b cool.. but really??? I love Nic, but cmon son fuck the dumb shit get the baguette!! This would’ve been perfect for her after that incident where the elites was fucking with her sound when she went overseas and had the translator play the shit outta her!

  13. These comments are pathetic and weak asf. A bunch of broke bitchs mad at a woman they will never know or be on her level lmao.. dick riding no good niggaz that wouldn’t throw a bucket of water on them if they were on fire lmfao.. stupid ass hoes.. she did wtf she did. She didn’t need chris or future she is still Nicki dick riders

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