August 15, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Hot Takes – 10/6

  1. Lamar’s girlfriend is still a crook. She owe a lot of people (including me) tea or a refund. Let’s look into her.

    1. Is that a real question? Diddy is a questionable human anyway! I wouldn’t want my child around his ass! I pray of his children 🙏🏾 All the things he probably exposed to them.

    2. Did you read the tea on them? If not type her name in the search button and you’ll see why. She been in 3somes forever doing all kinda shit. The least she could do is protect her kids…this bitch has no morals she’s just like any other regular chick putting her needs first. She definitely didnt need to have kids…

    3. Lol they explained everything behind Nipsey , Lauren , & Diddy in a previous post on the blog. Can’t remember if it was Heaven Hollywood’s blog, butttt if u read that, then you would know how HOT that tea is 🤭🥵

    1. Wait what Lauren loved him and is truly sad
      Why would she sacrifice nipsey??
      Lawd I thought she was innocent

  2. Tristan is playing his cards right, he k iws his career is over so he’s gonna cling to the kartrashians for relevance. He is still cheating as we speak. Khole deserves the whole pie in her face for having such low self esteem.. Dumbo

  3. I don’t understand the whole thing with Khloe and Tristan she’s no different than the broads out here with NO MONEY that constantly complain and take the bd back chance after chance ….

  4. Now this was juicy.. Kylie and Tyga back messing around
    I knew Khloe was taking Tristan back when I seen she baked him a cake
    I hate to hear Lauren sacrificed Nipsey.. and did she move in Diddys house or one of his properties?
    Did Theresa and her husband get deported?
    Travis been messing with that sweetRo girl On Twitter she posted pics going back to 2013

    1. Why would Teresa get deported she was born in the US. Lol she’s actually living the same I have family down the road from her and who go to school with her kids and she seems to live the same life.

  5. Don’t care about Kylie and Tyga at all! Khloe is a mess and highly insecure, Miley needs to go away. Demi Moore, that explains so much about her…just sad! Lauren always comes across as sneaky so I’m not surprised and I feel like she played a role in Nipsey’s death, not directly but I’m sure she’s linked in some way. I don’t blame the Kardashian’s for Lamar’s drug use but I’m almost certain their devil mother played a huge part in how everything was played out in the media. All because her daughter got cheated on. I’m sure Travis cheated on Kylie, their whole relationship seemed like one huge photo-op. I wouldn’t be surprised if the only reason they made the relation public is because she got pregnant. Khloe deserves exactly what she’ll get at this point if she goes back.

  6. I knew that was cam in the background on one of diddy’s snaps i was like i know my eyes not playing tricks on me

    1. Yesss I seen it on his story his godson and her son were playing in the sand by the fire….. it was a night👀👀

  7. I wont be surprised at all if Khloe takes Tristan back. I’ve just felt they would all along.

    Ughh…I hope Lauren didnt sacrifice Nip. Messing with Diddy is like sleeping with the Devil

    Miley is just…..that child is just EXTRA

  8. Damn Lauren….also, wasn’t she friends with Cassie? Did they have a fallen out about Diddy before she left him?

    I swear, and Ima keep saying this, Khloe is waiting for an opening to get back with Lamar so she’s tolerating Tristan for the time being. Smh but let her have her heart broken as many times as she wants. She looks dumb as fuck now after the Jordyn situation

  9. Can we get some teas on Real housewives stars? These Kardashians and co. stories are just not that interesting.

  10. Kylie ain’t low 😂 live ya life boo
    I thought Lamar was still dancing 🤷🏻‍♀️
    And that’s how Demi’s f*ed up life began? Smh
    Lauren’s a bird
    Can’t hear shit from Khloe no mo
    I think Miley did not expect her hubz to leave her and that just made the girl think this was her chance for a real relationship.. dubs. Miley cray 🤔

  11. I wouldn’t put nothing past Tristan. He will be using Khloe to get money out of her to pay Jordan’s child support. Or, he and Jordan will go back to court and have it reduced. Jordan, you are a pretty girl, BUT YOU PLAYED YOURSELF! HOW? I BE DAMNED I WOULD BE DRESSED IN DESIGNER LABELS AND CRY FOR HELP IN NEEDING HELP TO TAKE CARE OF MY CHILD. TRISTAN CAN USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO TAKE HER DOWN. PLUS, IF SHE CRY OUT THAT TRISTAN’S DAUGHTER LIVING A PRIVILEGE LIFE, THAT’S WHERE SHE FUCKED UP. SHE MAY HAVE USED IT THE FIRST ROUND, BUT THAT SECOND ROUND, WATCH WHAT I TELL YALL. All Tristan has to say is Khloe has money and she is funding their lifestyle. Come on Jordan. You do better. Also, Khloe is going to end up pregnant again.

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