October 5, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Hot Takes 10/4/2019 That’s right I said it

    1. Either they gonna take a pic with Colin kapernick or she really meant cap like they gonna do something to get attention on them as usual.

  1. Wait does that mean Jay/Giselle will post a picture or video w/Colin Kap to show things are good even though it’s like 2 months later since the NFL partnership & everyone has already taken sides?

    Is that what “cap” means?

      1. She meant the spelling of his last name. Kaepernick or Kap which they him call Kap or I call him The Kap or Kappa Kap since he is Kappa Man aka Nupe/ Yo Yo🔴⚪👌🏾

  2. Idc what her album is called I don’t want to hear nothing from this gurl. Her ghostwriters can keep that trash they keep putting out, she needs to do something else with her life.

  3. So did Tyga get mad because Kylie lied about them meeting up.. now he trying to make her jealous and do you mean a fake pic of Giselle and Jay to make it look like everything is on the up and up when it’s not. Didn’t Selena go to rehab before?

  4. Karrueche and draya haha I know Chris fuming he can’t participate.

    Cardi your “downfall” or whatever you’re calling it is NOTHING compared to how they did Nicki. Only thing going on is folks is paying attention to Megan but that’s because you are MIA. When everyone was paying attention to you, they always had to trash talk Nicki in the same breath, it never failed. I don’t see anyone dissing Cardi and praising meg like they was dissing Nicki and praising Cardi. Hell if anything her and her fans are taking jabs at meg on they own, they gonna cause problems for themselves. Stop acting like you so betrayed cause it could’ve been WAY worse.

  5. Lmao @ bey & Jay they just gotta do it !

    Cardi cares too much about pples opinion, she gotta address everything. If I was a fan I would’ve been worn df out.

    Kylie & Tyga could just stop playing, & jump on the love train.

  6. Cardi should quit while she is ahead…I thought her shelf life would be much shorter bc IMO she’s not talented…So Tyga really loves Kylie (he had original face Kylie so he must)..sweet… Jay and this NFL position after he talked mess about them last year…his position probably is minuscule- just a money/attention grab to make himself look like an actual tycoon…

  7. I would like to know why Neyo would marry a nobody like Crystal, instead of Monyetta? I remember when they went on that interview to try and clear things up, but the fans aren’t having it! Will his career suffer overall because of it??

  8. Can you please tell us what’s up with karrueche and Victor? I could’ve sworn they were over since they have hardly been together this 2nd half of the year but than they will post a comment or do a interview confirming they are still together.

    1. I have been wondering as well!! Some of the quotes they post, sometimes seems like they are taking jobs at each other.

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