October 5, 2022

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36 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Kylie and Travis Scott Split

    1. He just doesn’t seem like her type at all…he seems quiet for sum reason to me. Quiet equals sneaky IMO

  1. Watch his career get “Luke Warm” and try to get back with Kylie, and we ALL will finally see his true intentions…Bitch Ass Nigga! Build ur career on ur own and stop depending on a female

  2. What did she expect? She barely knew him when she got pregnant lol oh well some other black man will come in and swoop up that “billionaire” money.

    1. 🗣 Okay!!! She turned the rebound guy into her whole baby daddy! 🙄 I don’t think she was over “Tyga” (lame ass) before she decided to go on tour with Travis THEN BOOM they’re in a whole relationship THEN BOOM AGAIN they’re / she’s pregnant 😳. And wasn’t it rumored that he’d hooked up with Kendall as well as KYLIE’s friend Justine Skye??? The whole relationship seemed to be built on bogus hurry up and move on from TYGA rebound emotions. Like he Was the next guy that said Hi to her after the breakup – then all of a sudden they’re a thing. Whew Chile the hidden hills drama as their worlds TURN.

  3. As soon as I saw the headline, I thought of you lol. I was like but we been knew this was coming, the split, the cheating, and etc 😂.

    1. Right? I was thinking is it for the rating or she finally confirmed he was cheating.. I hope she doesn’t have baby #2 with him

  4. Idc they were dry anyways and as longs they keep the communication good for their babygirl thats all that matters.

  5. That damn pr stunt didn’t work. That was him on that balcony. I tried to pass on your knowledge without revealing my source but ppl really think that was a prank 😩😅

  6. They didn’t have any chemistry anyway so… also I hear he was messing with Stephanie Santiago from Angela yee podcast is that that true?

  7. He ugly anyway, he got some nerve cheating on her as if she didn’t help boost his career. If she goes back to tyga that’s just gonna make people mad all over again like the first time lol it will be interesting though if stormi really is tyga’s baby, more ratings for the show. I can already see Chyna pulling something to spark up beef again haha

  8. Does her being hospitalized for flu like symptoms have any correlation to this? I know you mentioned there’s a code for everything in the pr world. Was the flu drug related? I can’t remember :-/

  9. Is she regretting having a baby so quickly with him? I mean ik she wanted a mixed baby (stormi is cute or w/e) but dam she dragged it out a lot longer that I thought.. and what about JW in the comment section, meaning they must have shared some lustful looks(or more)? Also Tyga been trying to stunt on the gram like Kylie taught him. Lol also didn’t she just pay him to drop a frivolous lawsuit .. just my thots

  10. Daaaaaamn …. Travis ain’t shit. “His girlfriend for years” 👀

    Like Hev said “Travis has no business cheating on anyone with his ugly ass” 😂

    Kylie betta go head with her young billionaire self.

    1. You know what I took up for travis saying its uglier people with less money that women fight over. And he’s not even that ugly but fuck his ugly ass now

  11. I didn’t realize Travis was 28 until the breakup became news…I always liked her with Tyga more than her with Travis… not sure why

  12. Can you speak on the new aubrey o’day video that just got posted on baller alert and theshaderoom and matthew knowles having breast cancer?

  13. I hate to say it but Kylie was more “relevant” when she dated Tyga. They also had chemistry and looked liked they truly enjoyed each other’s company. Travis always looked disengaged. Just my little opinion

  14. What’s Jordan saying in his comments? & wasn’t it Travis that was pushing Kylie to kick Jordan out? 😳👀

  15. So, who didn’t see this coming?? 🤣 he (as we in the country would say) “was already hard looking on the eyes” 👀👁👀 he already had that first girl and that boosted his ego up to Kylie. He had a baby by Kylie and either used her makeup, his “family genes” kicked in OR he had surgery bc the last pic we saw of them he looks kinda.. Idk, “fixed” . But anyways Tyga has ALways been around… he ain’t going nowhere. I think they should all do a show where all of them stay in a fly ass house for one weekend only the ones with the connection (Kylie, Tyga, Chyna, Rob and whoever else I forgot LMAO) Along with Dr. Phil and Iyana (I spelled her name wrong but yall know who)
    On another note: can we get a cheat sheet of these “codes” of the PR’S or is there a list already?? Your list, because I know your list is accurate!!! 🤔🤔

  16. Check out her IG, she’s been throwing shots at Kylie for a minute and what’s crazy is that Kylie lookslike the girl, like that’s who she was tryna be??😭

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