October 4, 2022

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57 thoughts on “Pr Diaries The Stories We Used To Whisper About On These Pr Streets

  1. Why do you have a picture of the porn star Bonnie Rotten though? What does she have to do with the story?

  2. Didn’t dude (Taz) get locked up or something like that. I remember back in maybe 2015 or maybe 16 they were doing tours well club appearances then I believe I read he got locked up. And that was the end of that never heard anything else about him or them…

    1. Man Khia krazy af…wats her utube name?? And so another thing since we talkn about Meagan good…ok so i saw where G made a comment about Meagan ddnt sell her soul so how does that work because ddnt her hubby sell his?? I’m so confused when it comes to them.

  3. Hey G! Would you please give the tea on Evvie McKinney. Season 1 winner of the 4. She is extremely talented. One minute she is making music and then she goes radio silent. I follow her on IG and she did a huge post about God and the devil and being true to her faith and saying how we have to pay attention and not be blinded and not faulter and how there was a big war going on for souls in plain sight. So after that i knew what happened and why her career completely stalled but i see this week she just signed to a label to so gospel music. I would love to hear the tea on her especially since from reading many of her posts it looks like she refused to get down. Thanks G. Love the site!

    1. Oh wow!! That’s interesting indeed. I really like Evvie. She was on the YouTuber Terrell Grice’s show and I loved her personality

  4. Yes! I was always curious about these girls. I bet they got a black book with plenty celebrity male names in them.

  5. Aubrey? Drake? I remember Taz Angels seemed to be popular for a quick minute and then they were done… I guess when girls realized you don’t need a pimp if you can post half naked on IG Taz lost his appeal..

  6. Yes please & more tea on all the vh1 reality tv contestants … Love of Ray J : Flavor of Love and so on …

  7. I remember hearing about this crew. “Taz Angels” may have ended, but I guarantee that all the girls have moved on and still selling tail. Either way, bring the tea ☕.

  8. I knew one of the girls , Lena and she had a sister Ruby. She never wanted to go until detail but basically said it was a really toxic environment . They never got paid for anything , Taz took all the money and when she left, she had to move back in with her parents and was flat BROKE

  9. Yessss G I want more 😆😆 I followed them for a while and instantly caught on to what they were doing! I remember when the house in Miami got raided by the feds! Females supposedly were being held against their will. They said the dude was like starving them or something like that. It was a while ago but I remember this click, so G please give me the real about the situation ❤️❤️

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