October 2, 2022

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25 thoughts on “ICYDK Updates 10/2/19

      1. Thank God for my birthday is 4/25. Born with intuitive gifts. All I had to do is look at a pic or the visions come to me in 3 seconds visions. Or if I throw up out of the blue, it’s something have to do with me or my family. Now if I taste blood and cough alot with spit and no blood its the SGC. Hell, I have to write mines down to proof to folks mines are 100% LEGIT!! If one of those happen, I ALERT EVERYBODY!! AND I DO MEAN EVERYBODY! Do they listen? HELL YEAH!
        My late great grandma was a Capricorn and a Highly Annoited Spirited Apostolic Preacher! She saw the gift and told me to use it. Now my late maternal grandma, a Taurus like me, also Annoited Spirited reading who had severe seizures, and had 50% second and third degrees on half of her body, saw the second gift. And that came from her.

      2. Its really about clearing your aura…i do tarot card readings…im a beginner do i still have to look up the meanings of my cards…but me and my bf practice on each other

  1. First I need you to DM me this Rihanna tarot reader G lol (I’m serious tho) and I give Rih one more year with this dude….she need to get the hell on from him.

      1. I give them less than a year also. It’s too much of a cultural difference. His family doesn’t care that she’s rihanna global superstar. It’s about her being a wife and being fully immersed in their lifestyle and culture. Covering up is the tip of the iceberg. Yes shes trying, but is she willing to go all in. I think not and dont blame her.

        It’s a completely different ball game she expected to follow. Women have very limited to no rights. Again marrying this man she will not be viewed as Rihanna superstar she is expected fulfill “wifely duties” and do whatever he wants or says. Who said rihamna will be his only wife? Look Janet J left for a reason.

  2. If you have to change yourself, and your every being for another person…. but what do I know 🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. Ugh the Family need to ease up and let them be! Clearly she trying cause the only time navy get any skin is when she modeling The Savage Lingerie. She’s increased her net worth to where she almost worth a billion and she only 31. At the rate she moving she can be a billionaire by 40. She super business savvy and securing bags left and right so she know what she doing. That’s always been Rih strongsuit she can always reinvent herself and make it work. CLEARLY there must be something special there cause i don’t think Rih would’ve held out this long and made big moves like moving to London for him if she wasn’t trying to tie the knot with him. She’s not using your son so they can fall back and let’s get this wedding rolling.

  4. I knew this wasn’t going to work out. Those Muslim men will use you but if they are going to marry you, their family has to approve and 9 times out of 10 they want their son with a Muslim woman who already understands how to move in their world. How in all that makes sense is Rihanna gonna transform into this covered up conservative, docile woman when her whole vibe is sex appeal and showing skin? She better cut her ties now so she can find someone else. He ain’t marrying her.

  5. WHO DID NOT SEE THE DIFFERENCE IN CULTURE BEING A PROBLEM?…I am not changing my Culture or the way I look for no damn Muslim man or any man . Take me as I am, or go find someone else. I hv one life to live ( and it can be taken away at any moment) so Iam going to live my life, the way I want…fuck him and his family!!!

  6. The family is annoying everyone can see that rih is trying. i actually think she’s doing a good job dressing conservative and she is getting older sooo….hassan needs to make his own mind up because rih doesn’t have time for that.

    1. You forget hassan live on his family money, he can’t go again they wish if he still want the great life. I don’t think he want became a middle class

  7. I honestly wanted this to work out for Rhianna for one reason only… To prove the haters/naysayers wrong. Everybody drags this dude because he isn’t Drake or Chris. They can deny it that, but it is true. I think even if the guy wasn’t Hassan, just another random, out of the industry man, he would get dragged too. They don’t want this girl to be happy with anyone but those 2 men(Drake/Chris).

    But deep in my gut, I know this relationship(Hassan) won’t work. He comes from a highly Muslim family, from a highly Muslim country. Rhianna is NOT that and a lot of the things she does(smoke weed, sexual suggestive,speaks her mind) won’t go over well with his folks. Also changing yourself for a man and his family is a huge no go. If she decides to dress differently because that is the way SHE is feeling, that is totally ok. But her “trying” for these people is not cool. Because SHE isn’t feeling it and only going along to get along. I know she will probably get engaged to Hassan, but I hope sis doesn’t follow through with a marriage. Rhianna needs to cut her losses before she ends up miserable.

    1. You are so on point with this whole comment chile‼️ And I don’t see why anyone who claims to love her so much would want her to be with drake or Chris they both problematic trash, and did way TOO MUCH to hurt her.

  8. She seems to be really trying. What does the Tarot reader see? Can’t they see what will happen or is the relationship not determined at this time?

  9. Love shouldn’t be forced…. She can move on.. There’s plenty of other successful men that really wants good for her !

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