August 15, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Industry Secrets Things Only Industry people Would know

  1. Ellen is abusive?!?! Huh I’m actually shocked. But I should’ve known something was up since she so high up and connected and ain’t nobody that perfect and innocent in Hollywood with that much status.

    Jack Nicholson bleh! Sick fucks! He can die off as well as anybody else that attended those parties.

    1. I swear I typed diddy and iPhone autocorrect to SISSY…. I guess it knows something I don’t ave pdiddy.🤩🤩🤩

  2. Jack strikes me as a Creep – gross 🤮 these poor children. It’s wild how some ppl can handle the abuse without mentally snapping (i.e. Drew Barrymore) and others lives slowly crumble away until you hear nothing else about them (Amanda Bynes) and when you do it seems like they’re on a mend or doing something outlandishly crazy. Sad and sick Holly~Weird!!

      1. True but she didn’t break they break ppl permanently she now has her ish together. Or at least it appears that she does.

    1. Omg Amanda Bynes smh, she hasn’t came back to normal … Drew Barrymore she looked really depress, and also Lindsey Lohan she still look crazy .. djing and having a Cannnes reality show on MTV, she look a hot mess still 😏

  3. I hear people say they like Ellen all the time but it has always been something that didn’t sit right with me about her. I never watch one episode of her show.

  4. Ellen is low key mean and spiteful,also a drunk but you ain’t heard that from me! Her “humor” is mean spirited at times. No one peeps that?
    Was the issue that Diddy hate Pac so much or he wanted to smash?
    Yeah, Jack is one of the Grand Puba Peedos. He had poor Drew.
    Blondie has a book coming out,she probably talks about all her sexcapades.

    1. I agree, her “jokes” are condescending and shady as fuck. Jack is hela creepy, he don’t sit right with me.

  5. Wait a minute, Kim KEPT running up on Jlo?? For what? She should’ve been running up on Diddy. Smh, god bless the dead.

    Ellen being abusive?? I could see that. She comes across like a very mean and nasty person now. She actually started acting like this once she came out. I remember when I noticed the change. I was like, “aren’t you supposed to be happy and feel now that you are out the closet?” Folks can never been satisfied.

    Ashton was gonna out that Demi had herpes? Doesn’t all of Hollywood? That man ain’t telling no secrets.

    Now the fact that Diddy tried to kill himself? I would love to see that. Diddy is such a narcissist, it’s almost shocking. Now if he tried to kill Sarah, that would be much more believable. For her to be messing with Tupac, that was a while ago. I didn’t realize he had been dealing with Sarah that long.

    1. Shitttttt, Diddy still hung up on Cassie’s marriage. I won’t be more surprise and I hope and pray that Alex do not go to The Upper Room.

  6. Omgahhh!!! Wait..let me catch my breath before I come back to comment!!!

    Blondie and Bowie…
    JLo was about to catch them hands

      1. I read an excerpt from her book when she said she was getting high with Bowie and Iggy Pop and Bowie just pulled out his di** to show her and it was huge.

  7. Russell looks like a freak, he went to my middle class and was promoting Echo. Y’all remember Echo, I won a big ass T-shirt 🤣

    Damn Elle was abusive I would’ve never thought!!!

    JLo don’t play 😂 she really had enough w Diddy

    Ughh Jack Nicholson looks like a damn pedo, that crazy look in his face and that messy hair. He looks psychotic❗️

  8. 😲😲😲😲 ELLEN????? ELLEN DEGENERAS???????? 😧😧😧😧 Nawwwwww man not Ellen I really love df out of her this just broke my heart 💔💔😔😔

  9. Can we get a backstory to Ellen? I am actually shocked and I would love to know more about all the “dirt” she has done in the past.

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