October 6, 2022

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39 thoughts on “Hot Takes 9/30/2019

  1. Has the full Jay-Z transformation completed to where Giselle will just hop on any feature now to get a hit since her own material isn’t selling?

    I love real boy bands so I couldn’t tell you one song one direction or Bwhoever sings.

    Interesting too Giselle is back to collaborating w/only the yt artists again despite her new “pro-black” phase 👀

    She can sing I’ll give her that, but her own music has been trash for awhile & I’m over her hiding behind these surprise releases w/elaborate performances & videos over mediocre & lackluster records

    1. @Brim cause i feel like u my friend😁 but can u tell me wat is payola again please ?? I forgot Or not sure if i ever Knew lol . And another thing that’s off topic but do u kno anything about these IG comedians like Jess Hilarious, Kountry Wayne, Kendall Kendall, Lala, Blameit, B.Simone, PrettygirlVee, just all them dam comedians that’s on IG wats up with them??? They down??? Somebody tell me bout they ass cause i wanna Kno. Shit they be in Dubai too.

      1. Another thing that’s off topic too….ummmmm OT Genesis got that twin Malika pregnant…wat ya think bout that???

      2. Payola is when the record label pay radio stations and i think dj’s to play certain artist songs or for their song to go number 1….recently coack k from quality control said it cost 200,000 to get a song on the radio station.

      3. Yeah i think they down they all blew up around the same time. Prettygirlvee had the infamous leg open pose she’s down

      4. I would love to know too cause I LOVE ALLUM and I been following MOST of them since BEFORE the fame so that’s some sugar I would be AAAAAAALL IN FOR 👀👀👀👀👀👀☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

  2. Lil Nas X is a piece of shit? Why? Because he’s using his sexuality as a gimmick to sell records? And What does he need a break I know 2 songs… he already taking BREAKS 🙄 geeze – these new aged rappers 🙄

  3. Giselle is freakin annoying and obnoxious ❗️

    Kim & Kourt really gonna divide there fam they gotta chill…. Kourt really be off and super self conscious… one min she wants Kim to help her pick an outfit but then doesn’t want her to be honest about the outfits…. then lashes off on Kim in front of designers… then be embarrassed 🙄she be sounding delusional 🙄

    What’s payola again y’all ❓

      1. I think Kourtney is in denial that everyone was right about her. Like her kids getting older and she really still doesn’t do anything she’s going to be the mom that makes up an excuse just for her kids to be around her and throw things back in her face because she made everything about them and when people ask her first thing she say is im a mom like duhhh we know

    1. And when she goes off on kim she say mean stuff and kim brush it off. She always been my fave kourt always been a mean person

      1. Yea kourt could be grimey… then wanna call Kim a bully like bitch going through a mid life crisis type early

  4. Have you seen Angie Martinez on her “Untold Stories of Hip Hip”? I wanna know the truth behind these “stories” lol

  5. But Adele is 100% Correct. Adele’s voice is rich, spontaneous, and booming. Her three octaves keeps a person on the edge and I love it. Lawd Giselle, somebody that chicken neck. Her singing starting to sound like it squawking.

  6. Kim n Kourtney beefing? I haven’t been catching it! Smh but honestly I always felt something big is coming in the Kardashian Jenner Family.

    Not wishing anything especially NOT any death just something MAJOR and like you said G, IT WONT BE AN ACT.

    1. Yeah ever since kourt and kim got into it about her not working. I said maybe they should all just go enjoy their own lives with their families its time now. I mean yall all grew up together y’all don’t have to be around each other like that anymore.

      1. @Brim I think the issue with that is 1) they’re emphasis for saying “family is everything”. 2) Most of them love the attention I think it’s like a drug. 3) they’ve created some what of a “family empire” quitting now isn’t an option. Hell Khloe has a spin off and now HELL (the baby daddy) SCOTT has his own spin off. They’re going to ride this wave until the wheels fall off! I’d bet my last book of food stamps that their show is the Highest rated show on E. If E cancels them they will need an amazing REPLACEMENT! They air the KarJenners all day long during the week re run after re run AFTER GD RE RUN. And again I’d bet a book ppl are at home watching them re runs. I think they are doing an insanely good job of making Kourtney look like a B***h and a complete a** whole for the world to ridicule. Don’t get me wrong she does seem very difficult to deal with BUT dang on it’s always one out of the bunch plus it’s reality TV I sit and wonder is she taking one for the team (ratings) bc they stay in her a** about something.

  7. Hold up I thought Giselle was being deactivated. Why does Adele have to do a humiliation ritual for a deactivated artist?

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