October 2, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Hot Takes – 9/27/2019

    1. I have been wanting to kno for a long time about Devon Franklin which is Megan Good hubby right?? I was wondering are they down also and all about their rituals too. Man this is getting good!!!!

      1. @Brim so wat did U get outta wat she wear????
        @DaRadiant1 how she be dressing & wat does it mean???

      2. She dresses the same as if she wasn’t into her religion it looks like she wears nothing underneath but her pg is mostly filled with workout stuff

  1. I hope that lil company fights bey as long as they can

    Poor Jessie J. Channing has always given me fuckboy vibes

    I’m waiting for these ig pastors to get exposed. They all seem fake and shady to me

  2. Smh Giselle needs to let it go the business was established before her surrogate even had Blue.

    And yes Nicole we know you were paid well to leave those kids alone and only say good things about your ex. Are the kids still deep in Scientology?

    1. I read a article that that popped up on Facebook. that said the lady have a event in honor of Blue Ivy on her birthday.. which is 💁🏾‍♀️..
      And she did interviews saying that her business sales increased..
      the lady should have kept her mouth closed and collected her coin..
      😂😂I am not about to play with you or that surrogate

  3. Jeeezuz. I wasn’t prepared! Poor Jesse come home to Essex hun and leave that bell end. Selena she’s a mattress for these vampires. Naomi ain’t getting caught up, her mambos will see to that. And since 50 ain’t talking, why isn’t the chick. She runs her mouth non stop and constantly exposes herself.

  4. Hey y’all! Let me tell yall how slow is Giselle is! If she really want to trademark Blue Ivy’s name, all the dumb bitch has to do is add Carter to it. See how simple that is? LOL!

    1. She isn’t trying to trademark. “Blue Ivy” she’s trying to trademark “Blue Ivy Carter “ they’ve already denied the request because it would still affect the business because they still won’t be able to use “Blue Ivy”

  5. Damn I knew peter Thomas did some type of skeem
    Can’t wait to hear more about these pastors.
    Well after that 1 mill Kanye gave Kim for not taking fashion nova deal, and having her be apart of the yeezy fashion. She’s def not divorcing him like we thought.

  6. Does Giselle not know how long “Blue Ivy” has been around? I had a coworker the same real age as Giselle w/that name. I hope that lady continues to fight. Giselle has nothing better to do than these frivolous lawsuits to deflect off of her real issues

    I’m glad these pastors are getting exposed. I’m hoping someone in the Midwest does too who locks the church doors during offering & demands that the church puts in at least $25 a piece to help support his lifestyle

    I still can’t believe Cynthia married Peter. Everyone saw his scams a mile away. I hope whatever business that’s tied to the mob isn’t one that Cynthia invested in as well

    Jesse thinks she has a prize in Channing Tatum & she’s sadly mistaken

    Wasn’t that why Reggie Bush & Kim broke up bc she refused to live a quiet life?

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