October 5, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 9/25/19 What’s Done In The Dark Will Spill In the Light

  1. Larry Johnson

    Not sure of the last one. Wow this is the first blind sugar I’m sure of Lol I never comment on these segments

    1. Oh she took Steve Harvey job “Little Shots”. He shouldn’t been stalking Essie and she sent the evidence in to NBC. Not only that, he was trying to do a backdoor deal behind NBC’s back.

    2. That lady slowly blackballed herself! She went on a talk show and spoke on her audition tactic, in which after an audition she purposely leaves her purse in the room with her cellphone’s voice recorder on, then returns to the audition room a few mins later like “oops I forgot my purse” , so she can hear how they cast team feels about her. She’s such bc a dummy.

  2. Larry Johnson and Jay Z

    I remember the one rapper a few days ago, but dont remember her name. Not sure of rapper 2. And Nicki is the last rapper

    Antonio Brown. Not sure the rapper

  3. 1. Larry Johnson fine (but stupid ass)
    2. Female rappers (cupcakke Lady leshure)
    3. Antonio Brown not sure the rapper (that’s a mess)

  4. 9251- Larry Johnson and Jay Z (I wonder if he’s ticked off because his side piece Mya was mentioned)

    9252- Cupcakke and Lady Leshur, and Nicky Minaj

    9253- Antonio Brown and Drake

  5. Larry Johnson & JZ where roommates… That’s SUPER important… Like wat reason is there for 2 millionaire men to be roommates? 😐

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