October 3, 2022

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39 thoughts on “The Elites ,Industry Secrets and Things Noone else will tell you

  1. I have a question. Why is it mainly the black celebs/celebs that entertain a predominantly urban demographic that we see the same names come up for this stuff & possibly being “offed” compared to the white celeb/entertainers that seem to live on forever outside of any substance/addiction issues or something unexpected?

    1. You are probably not watching white platforms but I speak about plenty of white celebrities so of course if you are mostly speaking on a black platform you are going to talk about black people. However, go on youtube and a station called a call for the uprising trust me they talk about all colors but you are catering to your audience. A lot of times I mention white stars and people say who?

    1. I’m not to sure about lizzo being that she’s kinda fresh but im quite sure Cardi been ran thru a time or two! She has made them alot of money so she more than likely has dun it all!!

      1. Lizzo is fresh in mainstream but her popularity is soaring. You can bet your bottom dollar that she is getting ran through.

      2. @tjthecurious I’m sure she probably is i just Dnt kno much about her but I’ve been seeing her in the kitten fits so yea she gettn it!

      3. @EricaCBH gotcha 😉. I started getting hip to Lizzo right before mainstream got her. I even turned a few friends on to her. She was always comfy in her skin and said what she wanted. But when that mainstream fame hit, I saw the change. To ME she just hasn’t came across the same. I can’t speak for what others see though 💁.

    2. Yep in a nutshell, that is exactly what is happening. They are being passed around for sexual favors to different Elites… Both men and women.

  2. However Cardi still seems to be a wild card like they cannot keep her under control. What is it about her? Maybe her mental is strong and she needs a little more handling a little more coaxing … 🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. I agree she’s always ranting about something all the dam time it’s like u said they can’t control her I’m not sure if she’s immune to the MK or wat cause she does the most!

      1. Also i wonder Why they let Megthestallion trademark her Hot Girl Summer or wateva it is but they didn’t approve Cardi her trademark for Okurrrrrr wateva she be saying 🤔🤔🤔🤔

      2. Probably because Cardi does THE MOST! Nope 👎 not okurrrrr no trademarks on that. And honestly I feel like Kylie was saying it 1st 🤭 Okurrrrrrrrrrr

      3. Actually, DaRadiant1 I heard KHLOE say it quite a bit back when I used to heavily watch KUWTK, and that was WAY before a Cardi B. I’ll try to find a clip. But I remember when Khloe first did it giving her the side eye. So when I heard Cardi was trying to trademark it, I was like HOW?! Maybe the elites wouldn’t let Khloe say anything but I know what I saw.

      4. I can’t find a clip of it. But Khloe said it quite a bit on that show when I was watching it. That’s a fact. And even though I can’t find a clip, I’ve managed to find an article that clearly states that neither Khloe nor Cardi started the saying. It originated in the 80s.

        Now Cardi might have been the first to try and trademark…Which she was denied…But yeah.


      5. And she got it from Cardi. The Plastic bitches always stilling folks shit. Nobody haven’t heard nobody saying it until Cardi started on her Instgram videos. Remember her stripper days? That’s where she started it.

      1. I don’t think they are ready G. Give them more of the female programming. If they keep asking then about the male and they haven’t understand the female programming, then they will get confused. Real confused 😕

  3. Even ari G herbo babymother tweets and say she keep having headaches. And she gives me vibes she’s under mk o can be wrong though

  4. Does everyone in holly weird have to go through MK Ultra? How do you know who hasn’t sold their souls? I’m confused on how someone like Mya—who you mentioned never sold out, can coexist with people in the industry knowing the satanic things that go on? Also, can you explain how Leah Remini can have a show about what goes on in Scientology and still be alive?

    1. lol I be thinking the same but then I tell myself i’m not that special for them to come looking for lil ‘ol me. It is scary though, especially with sex trafficking on the rise. I guess I will never understand how they get away with this…how did they become so powerful? Scary to think about their upbringing and what type of shit was instilled in them, like why haven’t these “elites” been killed off so this vicious cycle ends once and for all?

    1. Funny reading about kitty alters. Giselle had a song called Kitty Kat off her B’day album where she’s wearing a animal print catsuit

  5. Are there any men you can tell us that have been programmed as male sex cats. If someone already asked I apologize in advance. Did not read all the comments.

  6. Actually Laganja Estranja. I can’t remember how to spell it from Ru Paul’s drag race show that started the Owkayy or Okurrr first ! Then the Kardashian was saying it on their show. That’s where they got it from. Let’s be clear

  7. G do these celebs know they are gettin* MK’d or are they slipped a mickey in the beginning”? i’m just wondering do they voluntarily get MK’d. IJS

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