October 4, 2022

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27 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Emmy’s Presenting The Humiliation Rituals At The Kardashian’s

  1. I understand your story and all. But, really why are they still in the feeds? I believe that “regular people” can make you relevant or not. Elites and media follow us – if we get sick of folks they will move a new family in.

  2. They’ve always been the laughing stock, tonight wasn’t any exception, plus they stay in the news. Noone cares about them and that’s why they get laughed at. Has not to do with humiliation ritual. They are not well received in hollywood

  3. I watched the clip 3x’s and I don’t really get it. I know all 3x’s Kim almost fell and tried to laugh it off. The cued laugh wasn’t really necessary or noticeable without you all pointing it out. Their show is on what season 17? And all the ladies on there are worth at least 25 million… what’s funny about that reality? They’re all rich

    1. I thought I just didn’t get it LOL! I didn’t see anything that bad. I’ve also noticed that so many claim not to like them, but after over a decade on TV, and leveraging their show to catapult their youngest sibling to billionaire status…if that’s humiliating, sign me tf! ASAP!

      1. It’s like while yal laughing at us 😂🤣😂🤣 we’re laughing all the way to the 🏦 with streams of GENERATIONAL wealth. Hell the brokest one is Rob and he’s still rich (maybe – maybe not) his baby sister is branded a billionaire so it doesn’t really matter 🤷🏾‍♀️ the ppl in the audience are already signed up and aren’t half as rich as the Kardashian / Jenner CLAN! 😝😜

  4. The elites are sick, how they literally plan to have the roasting ep on this week, then the kardashian ep. the Tupac story, now this … they could’ve def played these episodes in different weeks apart from each other…

    The laughing at the emmys just made the crowd look crazy, cus Kendall’s face was like wdf so funny 😂.
    Def planned, but in the viewers eyes it looked like they went to do there job and everyone cray cray .. so hopefully that kind of helps 😏👀

  5. Off topic can we get a cupcakke run down she was on live lastnight saying all of her music is coming off of every platform.

  6. Kim seems over it all anyway and kendall kinda does what she wants I’m noticing. I also noticed the cued laugh and it just seemed fake they didn’t even look bothered but I’m sure they felt some way.

  7. They seem awkward presenting Kim definitely seems like she’s in her head. But this is really interesting cause I was wondering why they kept playing that clip with the argument. And on the episode Kourtney made herself look bad and her kids look like animals.
    I just wonder how much longer do we have to suffer thru this family

    1. After watching the episode last night I can’t help but think the family is doing an amazing job at making Kourtney look like a spineless parent who makes excuses and concessions for her children’s bad irrational behaviors. Kim said her and Khloe talk about the way Kourtney parents and does NOT discipline her kids, all the time. Whew Chile 🤦🏾‍♀️ Hidden Hills drama!

      1. Even with the lil clip kim even said i don’t think he meant it like that and when kourt said he did she just was quiet like ok kourt whatever you say.

  8. Can we get a post on the rapper Da Baby? He lost his father shortly after signing to Universal and going #1. He recentlly released the song “Intro” talking about it.

    He also is being linked to other industry women (DaniLeigh, Alexis Skyy) even though he was supposedly with his baby mama (thefadelady on IG).

    Is he involved in the illuminati stuff.

  9. I appreciate this explanation. I know sometimes I get in the comments and I ask questions, and for some reason people on the internet these days get real testy about a question. I’m a grown ass woman and can pose any question that I want to.

    From a kid I’ve always asked questions and not just let somebody else lead me. So I did ask a question in the comments and people felt like they wanted to be sarcastic. I’m not a person that just takes shit at face value, but when it’s explained to me like it’s explain here and broken down, I appreciate it with my entire heart! Thanks, Gina, for explaining because I was really confused about how any of this was humiliating.

    But anyway. Not saying that it to you, G, that had anything sarcastic to say. But I do notice sometimes that when people ask questions sarcasm comes behind it. But when we’re asking questions, we’re just trying to be clear on the facts.

    I’ll say it again. I really appreciate the breakdown ❤

    I do have one more question though. You said that Kendall still goes to all the Mansion parties. So why would they take something out on her for just one that she missed? That part I’m confused about. Because if she normally goes, then missing one shouldn’t be a big deal. Or was this last one some kind of big deal?

    Sorry that the comment is hella long!

    1. No disrespect or sarcasm intended- but you are one of those ppl in the comments on here coming for ppl who have questions or a difference in opinion.

  10. This maybe a humiliation ritual for them, but wouldn’t it be a humiliation ritual for poor deceased Tupac too? The fact that they are even alluding to the fact that he slept with a child Kim. It seems that they are trying to do Tupac what they do to Michael and Whitney with this stunt.

  11. You know what I would of done about all that laughing at the Emmy? “ I would of told the crowd l’ll laugh right along with you ha ha” …now let’s move on! That would of made them feel stupid! …WHAT U THROW IN MY FACE, I’LL THROW IT RIGHT BACK AT YOU! …u talk to me a certain way, and I will take to u the same way u talk to me… Those are my rules I live by. ( eye for an 👁)…

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