October 2, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Hot Takes  9/22/19

  1. I hope Liam does not take Miley back. It should be over for good.

    Any Whitney Houston fan out there should not go see that Whitney hologram tour thing. Even if Clive wasn’t pocketing the money, it is still evil and demonic.

      1. Kehlani and Demi would be a sexy couple…lol

        I truly hope Liam doesn’t take back Miley… She’s a mess. Playing with the guy’s emotion like that.

        Nipsey and Lauren sleeping with other people during their up and down relationship doesn’t surprise me. 🤷🏾‍♀️. I just want to know who it was with.

        Antonio Brown antics has come to an end. Hopefully he learn what “humility” is. All the teams he’s been one he goes and cause trouble. That shit gets tiring. However, the timing of these victims coming out while he is having issues these teams, is very suspicious.

  2. I’m tryna see who Nip was seeing 👀👀

    I hope Liam keeps his distance. Miley will always have Mike Will’s junk in her mouth.

    It’s sad that nicole can’t see her children

    Kim had a long run but it’s Kylie’s time to shine

  3. How’d Kanye get back in good?? I mean good enough to not pay taxes – will this come back and bite him? The whole Kim n Kylie thing is 1000% watch worthy! I mean It legit happened before our eyes and i almost feel like we didnt really see it coming. Like Kylie blossomed overnight. Gotta hand it to em keeping it in the family AND passing it down to the next generation is commendable we’ll be watching them for years to come – WHO GOT NEXT **North**?

  4. AB could definitely win a lawsuit against the NFL for CTE damage. There’s a clip of him getting a vicious hit against the Bengals and people assume that started him going off the rails. BUT in Miami, it’s known he’s been an ass from his high school playing days. I doubt he’ll get anywhere near what he lost in guaranteed money this year.

    Saw Kylie overtaking Kim’s spot when she got with Travis. Tyga boosted her ego and she became that “It girl”. Kim pulling a stunt to compete with her sister would be a stupid and ill-advised move. How could she have time with 4 kids, North terrorizing nannies and Kanye is on this “no help” kick??

  5. Kanye reversed out of debt that’s what’s up

    I like kylie and if it were someone else kim would definitely be trying to do more

    I was wondering about the whitney concert that damn clive

    Liam this isn’t healthy for you

    Antonio go black man go take some of jay z money if you can while you at it lol

    1. Nipsey and lauren relationship probably was just sex im sorry i just didn’t see it. He always looked like he was tolerating her.

  6. Finally the Nip news i heard. Doesn’t take away from his good deeds just that it wasn’t all rainbows and flowers like people portray it.

    What can Kim do that would be surprising at this point? I think we’ve seen all there is now.

    Liam exit now and don’t look back

    You did call the Demi dating situation. I thought it would’ve happened 2 years ago

  7. Can someone explain wtf is going on with Larry Johnson? I’m like helluh nervous for him..he is talkin waayyyy too much.😱

    1. Right I said the same thing. He’s speaking the truth but I wouldn’t endanger myself for the internet. I read the comments and them ignorant mfers wasn’t hearing shit he was saying.. they all said he was hatin or crazy

  8. I already knew that nip and lauren relationship wasn’t much to it. I’m sure that’s why he never married her, plus she was still fk on Wayne.. she never got over Wayne and was still bitter about him cheating on her and he never wifed her up either.. she’s a pass around but low key about it..

  9. is it me or did anybody else notice YG blew up after Nip died……

    I knew Lauren & nip wasnt serious.. you can tell when they did that 20 question interview on youtube…..

  10. I know this if off subject but can you explain what Terrence Howard is going through? His Emmy’s Red carpet talk could be true enlightenment or crazy talk. What you think G?

  11. I’m still stuck on the NIPSEY N LAUREN sugar 🤔🤔🤔🤔……. soooooooooo DROP THAT SUGAR SIS‼️‼️👀👀👀👀👀👀

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