October 3, 2022

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35 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beef Between Brandy and Aaliyah

  1. I remember the beef. Word traveled fast back then before the social media takeover. I never knew about the Cease connection. That’s crazy. I know Brandy regrets being so uptight in her youth but you live and you learn.

  2. Brandy is on some other…..trying to fight over Lil Cease of all people!? 😂🤣 He was the damn hype man for crying out loud! I think Aaliyah, Monica, and Beyonce made her feel insecure…even to this day….. she needs to have several mental evaluation seats…. B Rocka acts like she’s off her rockers 99.9% of the time. Smh.

    1. Omg I swear this was going to be my comment! I scrolled down and BAM!!! Toooooo funny!!! Brandy is known as the industry head monster lol

  3. One thing I can say about us Earth signs ( Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) that sexual allure (mostly on the Taurus and Capricorn, Virgo plays with theirs just for the hell of it) it commands attention, gives you that “Follow Me” vibe along with a deadly seduction. If you are under these three signs like myself, yall better watch out! It ain’t nothing to be played with. And Aaliyah got it!

  4. I remember back in the early 2000’s i think it was MTV Diary he went and surprised her on the set of Moesha and she was all giddy…now I know why

  5. Wait a gottdamn minute! Brandy dated Jay Z??!! What the fuck? Where was Sonia?? This negro has really been with EVERY black female celebrity. Damn.

  6. Young people especially in their teens fight over trivial things. Girls sometimes fight over boys
    Seems to me in this industry, people always trying to fight for something to belong to them. I love them both so I’m trying to see both views. Also, have yall seen brandy’s baby daddy? He looked just as uh.. interesting as Lil Cease so I’m not surprised. Lmao

  7. I guess Sonja Norwood didn’t have THAT much of a leash on her daughter. She was able to “get around” quite a bit, it seems. To the point of fighting over dudes. Yeah, okay. Funny, that she was never wifed by anybody “industry”, but all those she had her little beefs with, somehow did. Shocker. And since according to ya friend Hollywood, she’s a premier dick sucker in Hollywood, I guess she used that gobble gobble to make her mark. Just didn’t stick for her. At this point, I can’t even really respect this girl anymore. And it’s not just because of this either. I remember watching this chick on Oprah lie to the world about being married just because she bust it open and had a baby . . . and wasn’t married. She lied about something that a large part of her demographic were living. So, essentially spitting in their faces and downing their life choices. But I guess the boy wasn’t hers because that didn’t last. And then seeing her go so low with the Monica situation is just ugly. The only thing I’m interested in about this chick is what it was that Whitney whispered in her ear. Period.

    The Jay-Z part was news to me.

  8. Ha! Brandy’s mother might have been hands on but Brandy was out there thotin and her parents supported her 100%. I mean how do you get into a beef with ADINA HOWARD over Wanya and you’re like 14? It’s…

    The whole Jay thing doesn’t surprise me. He always jumpin behind the hottest thing in the industry. Let’s face it… Aaliyah and Brandy were killing it back then.

    1. Huge fan of BRocka and yes, G’s page has opened my eyes to her long time ago. But, dag Jay… I remember them close and thought it was odd. Sad, she didnt get that trophy status she been desperate for.. wonder why. Plus, Jay been looking for a Bonnie for a minute, makes him and Bey even less special really…

  9. Brandy and Jay??!! Is this the OTHER reason why Brandy can’t stand Beyoncé? She first took her popularity as the It girl, her best birthday twin friend Kelly Rowland, and then her “man”? Whew chile, the betrayal. 😂😂😂

  10. I see miracle watts with the POSE and future bm well we been saw her but still in the cheetah print its even more noticeable.

  11. I will never understand what these women see in Jay-Z. Yea he got money, but they got money too… Do better 💁💁.

  12. Idk I need to see more than one pic of them actually being together to believe this I know that this blog gets it right…but sometimes these things just don’t make sense to me whatsoever

  13. Brandy seems like she was somewhat jealous that her mama didnt play that. Never knew she had a thing with jay tho. Was this around the time she had her daughter or is her daughter much younger?

  14. Wow that lil cease beef tho 😂… I totally see the connection of her acting like a goodie too shoes cus her momma acts like that. She shouldve also told her she was beautiful more often 😏 cus she was def too jealous

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