October 5, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Quick Hits 9/19/19

  1. Oh poor poor Winnie!! Imagine how exhausting it must be to change outfits 4x and walk down a runway for 2 hours!! And then to have to sit in ECONOMY?! *gasp*

    That girl irks my soul, I swear

  2. Winnie is gonna be a bitch? Nah she BEEN a bitch. I’m from Toronto and literally everyone says that she is STUSH AF and been like that from time.

  3. Um haven’t even heard about the texting thing, but I just watched the savage fenty fashion show/production/concert & it was innovative, next level & captivating

    1. So are they saying she was texting him while he was performing the play live? And did he have his phone on him? I’m confused

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