September 26, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 9/18/19

  1. DJ Aggy is absolutely annoying and the fact that any respects or listens to anything he has to say is Mind boggling and very baffling to say the least.

  2. I remember I would tell ppl this marriage was a sham & they swore it was real love between these two 👀.

    Jess always seemed more into Justin than he was into her. So many times in their combined interviews he has this pained/constipated face around her unless he got his orders to be on & pretend that night & she’s over the moon. It was always a disconnect

    Jess knew though who she married all those years & breakups they had leading up to finally getting married. I always felt on Jess’s part it was more of a status/ego boost to think she won somehow over Justin’s more famous exes & Justin’s purpose was probably hopes & dreams of being a movie star through Jessica’s connections & pressure from his mom to settle down & she was just there anyways

    That People magazine cover of that wedding picture told me all I needed to know

    1. Right. I always thought Justin was never into her and that Jessica was just maybe desperate. Even when he would declare his “love” for her, it always would sound forced

  3. Nicki Minaj can have any guy in the world and she settles with this loser? Why do she always get with men she takes care of? Can’t she finds man that is her equal? What kind of fuck shit is this?

    Glad Jessica is moving on. I love JT music, but he gives me asshole vibes. He seem like the type to low key control you and manipulate.

  4. Nicki is being abused by that dude I’m convinced and no one can tell me otherwise. I mean if he has an apparent history of doing it before when they were first together and he comfortable flashing guns on social media and poppin off at the mouth, it ain’t too far fetched to think he doing it now. If she stays with this dude this ain’t gonna end well for her and I ain’t even talking about for her image and/or career, I mean her life and well being.

  5. I have nothing against Jessica Biel cause I’ve always heard how nice she is. But from day one you couldn’t ever convince me that marriage was real. And it seemed it was more of a benefit to her. They both always look a little sad, miserable or worn down. So I’d say parting looks like the better decision they make.

  6. As much as I want happiness for Nicki, because I feel like she’s been through a lot, I don’t get good vibes from that guy that she’s with. And no I don’t know him, know I’ve never met him in person, none of that. But it’s just him. I don’t get good vibes from him at all and I definitely think that she should get away from him now. I don’t know why she would ruin her life and her career behind this person. But I definitely see it headed that way. And let’s hope that if she does marry this scrub that she has a prenup! That HAS to happen! Because he just looks grimy and like an opportunist.

  7. I’m so happy for Nicki, she deserves true love! I’m also glad to see that she doesn’t give 2 fks about the opinions of nobody’s about HER BUSINESS. She’s finally happy and protected. Dj slob should’ve been touched a long time ago, I’ve never seen a man so thirsty before.

  8. As much as I CANNOT stand Nicki I would really hate to see her marry this BUM. But she is a true Sagittarius she would do it just to piss everyone off. And as much shit as she talks about women choosing the wrong type of niggas I thought she would know/do better 🤦🏾‍♀️ If she does (which she probably will) marry that rapist she better have the tightest most ironclad prenup in the world

  9. I sing gon lie….. Nicki did seem like he with ALL the shits lol like being from the hood it don’t take much to realize if a dude really bout that life 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️😂😂…… Nicki Man want ALL THE SMOKE.

  10. You ain’t shit for saying Ack should be touched. That’s irresponsible. Nicki can’t just threaten and talk shit about people and not expect it back.

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