October 5, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Dropping Sugar on Everybody 9/17/19

      1. Can we get more details regarding Sylvia Rhone? In regards to En Vogue Ive read that Terry from En Vogue dated one of the producers and got nothing out of it but being treated like crap! Regarding Maxine and Dawn leaving what is the real deal? When Dawn was on R&B Divas something was completely off and her two marriages one to the black guy the other to the white guy seemed suspect as well. I always thought En Vogue should have been just as big or bigger than TLC and Destiny’s Child considering En Vogue kicked open the door for the 90’s girl groups period!!!!

  1. Thanks for this.
    Now this is a bit off topic but could we get some info on Ari Lennox? First people said she had to fuck J.Cole to get signed to dreamville/ started fucking him at some point and now she had a breakdown on Twitter. She has been getting some recognition lately and i’m wond If she’s had to do anything…..dutty.
    Also a similar question about Summer Walker, she said this tour she going on is her last and how she just wanna songwrite. Did she have to or was she asked to do any industry type stuff as well?

    Thanks again

  2. So wait I looked up Sylvia and saw that Nicki Minaj, Erykah Badu and Melanie Fiona were both once signed to motown… so does that mean they had to let her fuck them?
    Not shocked at Nicki but I would be surprised at Erykah and Melanie, especially Melanie, I thought she wasn’t down in no type of way…

    1. Ok, let me break this down to you. When G said “Music execs making advances to artist ” that normally means you are either going to sleep with them or not. You got those will do “something strange for a lil change” and you got the ones who don’t. Class Dimissed! 😁💖😂

      1. For some reason I don’t think so. Kevin Fret was killed in January of this year, and I heard that story about Offset last year, I think. But could be. Maybe I heard it more recently than that but for some reason I think it was longer ago.

  3. So en Vogue let her hit? And they still have nothing to show for it? They were big during their time, but I still feel like they never truly got the accolades they deserved.

  4. I been heard about Common secret baby. He got the girl pregnant when he was dating Angela Rye the first time. The girl and her best friend were the ones sending death threats to Angela. But. We need more info on the baby thing. Ask Heavenly Hollywood. Let me know.

  5. I never bought Lori and Justin dating. Just like him and Alexxis Skye.
    And I’ve been WAITING for Sylvia tea from somebody!! That’s some tea that should be spilled.

    On another note,

  6. This sugar was sweet!! I love this segment, keep it coming G. Sylvia Rhône ain’t shit. I never knew she got down like that smh.

  7. Offset smmfh……. I’m sure he would have to face that demon ONE DAY…… I’m sure ALOT of secrets between him, MIGOS, And cardi will come out….. IT COULD BE WEEKS, YEARS, even DECADES from now but IT WILL ALL BE EXPOSED‼️‼️


      1. Do u think Kim overdosed by mistake when Diddy told her about him and Lori, or do I think he mistakenly killed and covered it up? Either way I feel like Lori is linked to it some way.

  8. G,

    ARE WE EVER GONNA GET MORE INFO ON THE CELEBIRTY “BOOGEY MAN”?????? Cause I been so anxious to hear more about that/HIM…… I wanna know more details n stories…..

    1. He ain’t no damn celebrity! Waffles is a damn gypsy! LOL! He pops in and out when he wants to and need money. 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. I had to look up who Slyvia Rhone is…never heard of her before. Do her and Queen Latifah discuss the women they smash together? 😂

    Common do better, if you have a child go take care of them.

    JDs lame ass got sucker punch by a kid?!?? Wow…😕 We can’t say Katt Williams is the only one we know to get humilated like that.

    Jimmy lovine always gives me weird vibes when I see his interviews. Not surprised.

    Tommy is a nut case, glad Mariah got away.

    Tired of Offset and the Migos.

    Alyssa Milano is like the person always talking, and always have the most to hide. SMH..

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