October 3, 2022

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28 thoughts on “PR Diaries – The Stories We Used To Whisper About On These PR Streets

  1. Do you have the Ashley Everett story? The real reason she ended the engagement w/the dancer & her relationship w/Giselle?

    1. I also want to know about Ashley tea, and that particular time when she got hacked and all of a sudden we had plenty DM criticizing Giselle, an hour later everything got cleaned up, as if nothing never happened …. Ashley oh Ashley

      1. ashley to me give me better than everyone vibes and she’s a great dancer but the shit she choreographed with Beyonce is just an 8 count I don’t see nothing spectacular about their moves

    2. Omg really? She’s been Giselle backup dancer for years. And was her head dancer. And didn’t she just get engaged like 2yrs ago????

  2. 😂😂😂😂kim definitely was a first time mom but jay and bey I’m tired of them always trying to throw people under the bus. I feel like that was a fu too people who wasn’t fond of her when north started it she knows the energy was off.

    1. Yes please! I know Post has signed up to some weird shit for that fame and his album covers and music are becoming more telling!

  3. So Anna wintour had kanye and jay-z… she must have a thing for the bbc 👀👀

    Poor Kim, I know she wanted to show support with North there but she should’ve brought something to try to keep her entertained. Screw bey and jay for acting the way they did when it happened

      1. Jay will screw Anything as long as it has a hole and can make him some money. Just like Meg will be doing very soon..smh these ppl are something else.

  4. As a mother myself, I probably would’ve looked at Kim the same way. Why would you bring a child to a fashion show, you let your nanny keep them any other time. Won’t get mad at someone for looking at them like that🤣

    1. Right! I don’t feel bad for her at all, first time mom or not it was stupid. Especially since she has the means to actually have a nanny, and I’m sure the show was at night. 😑

    2. I definitely would’ve been looking at Kim and whispering to my friend/man through clenched teeth – why she didn’t leave that child back at the hotel or take her out of this room, so the rest of us could enjoy this show. Now I will say it’s telling how she chose to stay to support her husband, while her child was having a meltdown.

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