October 5, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Quick Hits 9/13/19

    1. It’s Kevin Durant. On LSA, fonts alleged that Kevin Durant and his brother had dealings with transgenders and that he was a weird guy. At the time, I thought they were lying.

      But now, I guess it was true all along.

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if I seen 50 cent
    Soulja boy Dwayne wade
    Kobe Bryant shaq
    Bow wow
    Snoop dog
    LL cool J
    Ja rule
    Swizz beats
    Jay z
    Kanye West
    Diddy because we all know he likes dicks and etc

      1. You good love. Lol I followed Basketball. Yes John Wall was injury at once point. I’m thinking it KD and not Klay because KD have the worse injury.

  2. Kylie and Kris was on Ellen recently and Ellen kept mentioning how Kylie is a billionaire and she looked guilty like she knew it was a lie. Not to mention all of that sniffling she was doing. #snorting#skislopes

      1. Her face has had a LOT of botox…nothing was moving the entire segment. Plus another segment she did on Ellen with a young lady she was gifting..her face never moved

  3. That real estate investing got Kylie the money to invest in her company. Her company IF sold would be valued at 1 billion. She’s not selling so she’s not a billionaire yet. I heard low key Ellen wants to get in Kendall’s pants that’s why she’s been on there plenty of times.

  4. Kylie looked mad uncomfortable on Ellen, she kept looking at her mom often to answer the questions. She knows it’s a lie, she looks so sad every time someone brings it up lol. Kudos to her though for giving those young girls checks.

    Tyga’s music wasn’t that good when he was with Kylie tbh but since they split, he’s been dropping decent music again…He needs to get out his feelings and understand he ain’t getting her back or does he feel salty at the fact that he kickstarted her fame and has been flourishing since? I thought she paid him off to leave him alone since he was about to take her to court

    Will we be getting a post about the “Golden Girls”? I still can’t believe elites really control certain white women to not date black men but on the other hand, I can’t be surprised 🤷🏾‍♀️

  5. Yea ok, Kylie’s money that she benefitted from based on generational wealth, Just in case y’all forgot 🌚. Everybody wants that self-made title, when your really not. Who tf wants to struggle when you don’t have to

    1. Thank you!!! I’m so confused on how someone is self made coming from a wealthy family!! Not knocking it, but take that self made title off lol

  6. Do yal think that Tyga sees all the press she gets for simply breathing (now) and she’s also posing with Bey in Playboy…. Plus wasn’t he trying to sew her at some point due in part to stating he helped or pushed her plan to create Kylie Cosmetics?? Dude is probably reaching now bc he sees he missed the long term opportunity to ride her WAVE 😩 poor guy didn’t get her pregnant TRAVIS DID and will forever be linked to that family!! 🤣 long after his records stop selling!!!

  7. If I remember right a video came out a while back of KDs brother Tony getting high while a trans gave him a blow job so yea probably KD.

  8. G you and heaven already fucked my mind up for the next quarter with the transgender in the bad boy biggie video 🤪🤪🤪🤪! I’m still drinking

  9. Folks are about to be clutching pearls with the transgender/rapper/athlete exposures… Oh Lordt 😓😓😩😩

  10. I know for a FACT Kylie is not a billionaire because everytime I go in to Ulta Beauty stores, I see ALL of her products still there from the last time I walked in Ulta. If yall remember, Kylie Cosmetics at first were only sold through her website. Next, news broke that she was billionaire THEN she decided to distribute through ULTA. So if you have a company that grossed almost 1 billion in sales just through the company’s website ONLY in two years, what would be the need to distribute through a retail chain?

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