October 5, 2022

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38 thoughts on “Blind Sugar – 09/12/19

  1. Wendy, Brandy’s brother Ray J being the plug?? This is my guess. Wendy talked all that shit about Whitney but she’s gonna be the next Whitney if she doesn’t watch it.

    Terrence Howard, said he’s going to quit acting after Empire finishes.

    Janet Jackson, wanting to work with Oprah after she betrayed Michael and the family

  2. Wendy, Terrence, Janet

    I don’t believe Terrence wants to really retire. I think he’s making this choice out of fear that he’s reached his peak role and won’t get many calls again due to the scandal attached to Empire. Probably wants to avoid getting type cast too after this role. I low key want him to keep acting. Never thought I’d feel that way. Ugh

  3. Wendy Williams. The r&b singer is brandy? The brother is ray j?

    Terrance Howard

    Janet Jackson. The mogul is Oprah

  4. Wendy Williams
    Terrance Howard
    Janet Jackson (Team Taurus) Damn, the entire family? But Jan is next to Mike making the most money in the family though. If they turned their backs on her, you can pretty much kiss her and her son goodbye. I don’t think The Royal Family of Soul wanna do that.

  5. Lawd, this is definitely a first for me. I actually think I know all 3.

    1. Wendy Williams
    2. Terrence Howard (running from uncle Sam)
    3. Janet Jackson

  6. This was an easy one! Lol

    Wendy Williams

    Terrence Howard- I think something else is going on with him, to come out of nowhere and say he’s retiring-it does not seem right.

    Janet Jackson

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