October 4, 2022

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64 thoughts on “Dripping Sugar on Everybody…

  1. Im real shocked that no one nicki has worked with or at least been “work” friends with don’t step in and say anything on her behalf its like she’s just left alone. I saw someone say her whole career is a fraud, not gonna lie I’d be pissed and curse people out too if i worked hard and you boosting someone who is being pushed, and saying my whole career is a fraud.

  2. I upped my subscription in order to receive the Heaven Hollywood tea and extend my access to the blog for an additional 6 more months and I still can’t see the Heaven Hollywood tea andit is saying my access to the blog is about to expire. How do I fix this?

  3. I’m starting to think nicki should really just leave. No Instagram post, no paparazzi pics, no music nothing. And let these people have who they are hyping up, rap becoming trash too I’ve started listening to pop lol.

  4. Lori is will be pregnant by next month, but she will catch hell once she gives birth. Her pregnancy is not going to be a good one. Once she have that baby, that’s when Diddy will make his move on beating her ass.

      1. Diddy will get Lori pregnant but it come with some complications. Once she gives birth Diddy is going to Molly app upside Lori’s head. She will be too scared to leave. And when she do, Lawd have mercy all hell is going to break loose! She from Memphis and her dad is a former drug Lord. Lori got some pull, but Marjorie don’t have none! Why? The Feds wanting Majorie’s ass bad! Watch what I tell yall. All kinds of shit will come out and her dumbass mama will be in the mix and won’t be able to help. If anything, the truth will get revealed and more likely Lori will expose everybody and everything.

  5. I had a feeling Ashanti would cross when she did the Ciroc campaign. If I’m not mistaking she wore white and black in the video shoot and I was like whyyyyyy Ashanti! stay independent

  6. Wow! Watching TMZ right now and they are talking about Lori Harvey possibly being pregnant and showing pics of her looking pregnant.

  7. Y’all pray for me ain’t nothing wrong I just thought privonka and nick’s marriage was legit
    Khlomaidya is an idiot she so desperate for a man and an engagement ring
    I’m sooo proud of Ashley you go girl!
    Ashanti lawd I’m gonna put you on prayer board

  8. Did anyone catch the paparazzi pic of Diddy touching Lori’s stomach???? She definitely is..

    *sighs* Khlo’s doing it all for True, if not then damn she must be desperate. I think she low key wants Lamar back and will settle for less til an opening comes. Read awhile back that they were in contact with each other before he got into a relationship

    Aside from Nicki, I cannot stand DJ AK. I still laugh at the time Drake kicked him off his IG LIVE 😂😂😂


    I see Travis will be a part of her Playboy spread…anything behind that?

    That Rihanna sugar….ermmm….um…yeah. If only I could post that “ight, I’ma head out” meme

    If they don’t just divorce lol. shouldn’t the rumors about her and Meghan Markle’s relationship died down by now

  9. Omg!! The block is HOT!! I been wondering what’s been going on with a Ashanti lately. She look like she ready to cross over to the dark side and she be looking depressed. I knew she was smashing Diddy. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  10. If he get Lori pregnant won’t her mama be mad? Lol it’s like Diddy shouldn’t be the end of her man eating years she has just begun!

    1. Why would Lady Heroine be mad she about securing the bag and nothing else. I really feel like low key she gave her daughter to him. Steve lost some jobs and she not about to get a job sooo it’s Lori time to get them checks coming in.

      1. She did. Morgan and Jason are married with kids, Lori is just like her Mama. Morgan and Jason are Jimmy’s kids. Remember the story about them last month?

    2. Right not washed up diddy at least pull a kylie if you gone get pregnant let it be somebody in your age group lori…that way you can stay on your toes but its a certain way you gotta move when you messing with diddy.

  11. Whew, I LOVED all this sugar! I can definitely believe Diddy trying to impregnate Lori out of spite. She wants the coins and he wants to one up Cassie. Only thing is Lady Heroin ain’t no punk so he better not try to abuse her child or she will shoot him.

  12. Marjorie wants to be another Kris Jenner
    Khloe will take Tristan back because she wants another kid. Under no circumstances will Kris allow them to have multiple baby daddies. This includes kylie because Travis is a serial cheater. Hopefully the next baby will look like Travis and not Stormi’s dad…oop

  13. What do you mean Mario is about to sell his soul again? Y’all confuse me. I thought once they were in they were in. What does it mean he’s ready to do it AGAIN like he did it before, and walked away, and now he’s coming back. Or am I reading it wrong? 🤷🏾‍♀️ Help me out somebody.

    1. Just because they sell their soul doesnt mean everything goes right. Im sure he did and got to a point where he didnt want to do what was necessary. But now he with the shits…

  14. Wow so u have to sleep with someone just to get a campaign or role or money? It’s like getting a job or deal isn’t good enough for anything nowadays.

  15. Who else is a part of the Golden girls? Also i thought scarlett was one of barry’s angels? So how can she be a golden girl but part of the angel crew?

      1. I think by golden girl, she mean loved by mainstream America, and not something related to ritual

  16. Loved all this suga!

    Hopefully Emilyb chooses a good one. Lori lost her mind. Khloe doesn’t get tired of being humiliated by men, she needed my father love in her life cus this is ridiculous. Madge about time with her evil ass.

    Talking about deactivation, Since bey doesn’t want to get deactivated I hope she don’t try to pull a stunt over on Riri since she’s suppose to get replaced by her. Like drop baby bump pictures when riri is debuting her album or promoting fenty. She grimes like that!!!

  17. I had that feeling about Mario when I saw that whole he was praying for whomever and I heard that symbol in the background. Smh

  18. Now this was some great tea…

    Priyanka- I think you have to be a real fool to think these two were ever in love or will last. They look so fake together.

    Madonna- Needs to let it go. Why can’t she just buy a villa somewhere and sit her ass down somewhere. She is stuck in the 80s. Her original fans are either retiring or have families. I grew up on Madonna in the 90s and I barely go to concerts as I get sleepy by 8pm.

    Khloe- Some cancers are pathetic and some are not. Khloe falls under one of the pathetic Cancer category. Just don’t want to let go because she is too emotionally needy. Get you another baller. But I get it, she has a child with him and it will be kind of hard to let it go.

    Emily B- Whether she moved on or not, she is still a idiot in my eyes

    Diddy- Where did he get fired from? He is disgusting to me and have no words for him anymore.

    Ashley Graham- good for her. I am glad she didn’t sold out. That should e worth more than your career. She will be taking on a new role now.

    Mario- i didn’t know he sold his soul before? If he did, that was a bad transaction because his career didn’t take off anywhere

    Ashanti- I have noticed that Ashanti has been going through something lately and was surprised to see her prancing around in that outfit with her butt out. She was never into that sort of thing. Maybe it’s a mid life crisis. I hope she will not sell her soul. Can’t she just write songs without selling her soul?

  19. How do you go from looking up to Kim Porter to now screwing her abusive BD? Did you not see what she went through- then the fact that she mysteriously just up and died should be enough to give him 50 feet!! Does Lori wanna pop so bad that she’ll hop in bed with the ENEMY 😩🤦🏾‍♀️🥴😔🤔

  20. All those years of w/Cassie & no kid? I thought Diddy was done having children. All of a sudden Cassie is preggo & you want to get Lori pregnant? Isn’t Lori familiar on how Diddy treats his women? SMH oh well

    1. Seems like since Cassie is engaged and pregnant, Diddy is planning to do the same thing with Lorie out of jealously and Lorie is only down for it because it involves “securing the bag.”

  21. SMH @ Ashanti… I need to know what Diddy put in that Ciroc to make Ashanti go from living off a couple of “vacations” & JLO lip syncing her vocals for a decent living to being on the verge of switching over to the dark side… 😔

  22. I’ve heard of ScarJo being very catty towards women on set especially the pretty ones. But that’s such a generic rumor. Makes her tea more believable now that I read this smh.

  23. I was wondering if we was peeping Mario’s moves. Ive loved this man for years! When “Dancing Shadows” dropped it was everything. I love the album. it showed a mature Mario. But then as I learned the lyrics and begun to sing them out loud, I was like…wtf am I even singing? who am I singing about? I really listened to the lyrics and was so disappointed. its SO obvious with this album he wants the elites attention. Started paying attention to his pics and they tell the whole story. His uncle is a freemason and everything. Smh.

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