August 15, 2022

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47 thoughts on “Hot Off The Press 9/8/19

      1. G, what proof do we have that Rih’s Boyfriend is actually down with this stuff?are we saying that because he’s from the Middle East or could it be a way for Jay Camel to destroy Her boyfriends reputation to get at Rih for not siding with him during the NFL stuff. You noticed how everything is so quiet now.

      2. I speculated this myself. Rih is honoring Shaun King @ her annual Diamond Ball fundraiser this Friday whose an advocate/huge Colin K supporter. She has her fashion show the following week, plus whenever this album comes out which we know Rih saw how she was done dirty w/the last rollout

        Jay is getting a ton of bad press w/this NFL deal w/Giselle being lumped in as well for some of her dealings & all this about HJ pops up again?

        Not for nothing too, even her closest friends aren’t as in the loop w/her relationship w/HJ as they were w/Drake & Chris, she’s been very quiet this go around & some things were already debunked that were speculated as well so…

  1. Nicki molested by who? Ken or a family member? That woman is lost, it’s really sad to see her going out like this. I pray she does not procreate with that man

  2. I heard about the Riri stuff & it’s going around bc Tasha K did a recent YT video around it, however there is some inconsistencies in the information presented that invalidates what she’s speaking to as facts.

    Also the timing of this is suspect especially w/all the Jay-z backlash, Rih having her Diamond Ball this week which is honoring Shaun King & other events coming up starting up @ the end of the month etc.

    If HJ &/or his family have ties to ISIS for real, how are they freely able to travel in & out of our country? & why hasn’t the national media picked up these stories if it’s allegedly true?

    1. News flash…. middle easterners send their kids to the US for college on a school visa. Trust me the government knows, right now it’s about business. Not about whose dating who.

    2. Because War brings in $$$$ more than any industry & that family has old blood billionaire $. If they’re being investigated it’s not gna be just for that, like most investigations the US loves to bring you down on ALL illegal dealings

  3. Its true about Hassan. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his cousin Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal also support ISIS. I could have been told yall this. But I had other stuff to think about like my health. I’m not doing to good.

  4. It’s no wonder why Megan Fox isn’t in all the movies anymore. I hope she has the strength to break away from him. Nicki too, her dude just seems like trouble to me

    I’m not surprised about the Rih tea.

    I’m happy for Emily B. Fab has shitted on her for years. I hope she truly finds someone that will love her and lift her up

  5. Mannnnn I knew that was happening with Lizzo, I seen her instagram awhile back and seen the black and white outfit and I’m like ohhhh boyyy!!! She down ! I’m wondering what’s next with her.

  6. It’s sad that Emily took soooooooo long to know her worth. They only care bout Hassan bc of Riri. I heard that too about Nicki and her dude, it’s like he’s controlling her and is a little abusive but females gotta learn themselves.

  7. This Nicki shit needs to stop.. these doesn’t sound like anything factual but opinion based. Bullied and abused lol this is ridiculous. It seems like she is in control in the relationship and it wasn’t like that in prior relationships. Its burns me up when a woman is finally happy genuinely and other ppl see that as pain smh fk sad

    1. Their history is toxic and if you pay attention to how Nicki acts you can tell something is off almost like she be high 24/7 when she be on live acting weird. Something is up with this dude and nobody is hating by stating that if anything we showing genuine concern. Nicki’s been on a downward spiral relationship wise since meek. He was the first mistake and it’s been all downhill since then.

      1. I really like LIZZO she is my bish but I totally didn’t think of the kind of industry she’s in I just been having fun with her n shit lol but fr tho idk with her IF SHE IS GOING TO WELCOME IT WITH OPEN ARMS OR IF SHE IS GOING TO CRUMBLE 🤔🤔🤔🤔….. Smh

      2. Where is this proof of their past together being toxic? I’ll wait! Nicki was smoking weed way before he came back into her life. She’s admitted in her music to doing pills in her past so stop the bullshit “I’m concerned”. Yall be quick to blame the next mfer as if she can’t make decisions on her own. She hasn’t been with a lot of men unlike some of the other celebs, so we know wtf was abusive to her saforhead and meek bitch ass. She was afraid of meek, she couldn’t do none of the shit she is doing now with meek bc he was a weak jealous insecure ass lil boy so stop.. she was allowed to be around other men with meek.. saforhead was all about money and fame so plz. Yall quick to point out stupid shit to justify yall fk up ways about yourselfs and your relationships or non existent relationships. Just bc he isn’t a gay ass undercover ass rapper or celebrity nigga yall gotta a problem with him. I can’t wait until their relationship proves you mfers wrong.

      3. Exactly meek was the start of her downfall. That was her best look during that era . If she played her cards right she could’ve landed a billionaire then. Now she has to get rid of all that plastic surgery stuff and go natural. Start acting mature and leave these industry dudes and thugs alone. She gone learn and come back stronger though from this illusion she is in.

    2. Actually they are telling the truth the ex already said he used to go around saying she was a hoe and hit her. Is nephew lougash had even old tweets up about how he made fun of her and trashed her but he deleted it when her fans found them.

  8. Dammit man! I really wanted this stuff about Hassan to be false. I want Rhianna to win and to win for one reason only… Crush the haters. People have been riding this girl’s back for the past 2 yrs about this relationship. I just wanted her to have her “in your face” moment. Now if this comes out to be true, they won’t let her live it down. Dammit man.

    I knew the Elites were turning their eyes on Lizzo and grooming her. She just doesn’t come across the same like she did before she blew up.

  9. Woo I was just watching a movie the other day that had Megan Fox in it, reminded of what G told us about Brian Austin Green being abusive!

    Also, strange that Nicki’s dude is always lingering in the backgrounds of her vid as if he’s tryna listen to what she’s saying.. I don’t get good vibes from dude and Nicki has said he wants her to keep the relationship weight.. I may be wrong but seems like a sign of him being controlling 👀

    1. G, didn’t Fab & Emily get married when he was in trouble for hitting her “allegedly”. I absolutely applaud her seeing someone else bcuz Fab dgaf about her for yrs!
      I hope the best for Megan. She almost got away then went back. Wasn’t until I read one of your posts that I thought of BAG as being an abuser.

  10. I was feeling like nicki was the happiest she ever been? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 i never got that vibe from there relationship 🤔🤔….. now imma be paying closer attention 👀👀👀👀

    I love RHI RHI ❤️❤️ I stannnnnnnn OK 😍😍 n I just hope this don’t all crumble for her 😩😩😔😔😔😔💔💔💔💔

    Poor Megan Fox smh n she so beautiful 😔😔

    1. She is happy and it shows. They are just use to seeing these fake publicity ass relationships and think those are really love lol pathetic. Mfers under contracts and have fake marriages that lead to kids where tf they do that in Hollywood. Fraulantic been trying to create another meek and Nicki. Look at meg and bags, thats fake. She has a boyfriend and he usually travels with her ridiculous smh the things ppl believe

  11. I saw what you posted on ig about what Azalea Banks said about her, funny bc I was just saying before i saw it what’s her agenda

  12. Brian Austin Green has had those abusive vibes since 90210…not surprising at all. I hope Megan gets away for good.

    Riri is my boo. No slander will be tolerated..she can do no wrong 🤣🤣. I like her with Hasaan. This relationship keeps her focused on her other business. If he was married before her..ok. He’s Muslim. That’s their religious culture. I’m quite sure Riri knows all of that. If he fuckn with ISIS, that’s also not surprising..look at who he is UGH🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ if they break up…that’s fine. She will move on to someone else in time…she’s Riri..the baddest Queen any man would love to have..TF🤷🏾‍♀️

    Nicki has been around the block a few times. She’s no different than any female out here who was fuckn bad boys as a teenager. Her smoking weed n poppn pills is regular hood shit. Her fuckn with Kenny even with all his past particulars is her lane. Stop tryna make Nicki out to be this innocent dippy martyr who dropped out the sky and being manipulated by every dude she’s with. She’s a very smart NY hood chick. She has a type. After her break up with Meek, she really wasn’t tryna fuck with another industry nigga. She likes to control the things ppl know about her. So, she reached back and found an old dip that’s not in the industry. It actually makes sense.

    This a good look for Em. Hopefully, she’ll stay away from Fab and won’t let his ugly ass use and abuse her anymore. She deserves to be truly happy and loved on by a man who knows how to treat a woman the right way.

    I think we all forget that these ppl are REGULAR ppl with high paying careers. Their hearts, emotions and self esteem develops and goes through it just like all of us. Stop idolizing these ppl and thinkn because they have money, they’re above the normal growing pains of life…they’re NOT. They want the same shit non celebrities want…love, happiness, financial stability and peace of mind💙💜

  13. I know rih is maturing and getting older but I don’t get anything from her and hassan but business.

    Well nicki defends everything somebody say about mr.petty so i guess we should just let them be. Her mom no help.

    Poor megan, its not always good to date older men because you like older men. I feel like even when women get older it’s always a child like mentality they have because they respect the man and since he’s older and can provide they start to feel like he’s their dad or something and now they’re stuck because that’s all they know and then they have kids by them smh.

  14. I knew they would come for lizzo. I said she would get a huge hit, gain new “attention” and when she posted about having an off day and feeling bad about herself I said that was the shovel to help the elites dig into her mind when the time came.. they will try to make her lose weight and push the healthy living “new me” lifestyle and hold everything she ever wanted she could have over her head in exchange for her soul

  15. The most shocking thing here is that Nicki is still with this guy. It is so mind boggling that someone whose career was heavily impacted by her alleged pedophile brother’s conviction, would turn around and date a convicted alleged rapist.

    Good for Em though. It may have taken for him to do everything and then some under the sun for her to leave, but she left so I’m here for it.

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