October 5, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Who’s Sis? Segment 2

  1. 5- Sounds like Camila
    7- I would’ve said Cardi but you said the person has “undeniable talent” so nah

  2. Now that I know #1 was Janet Jackson, the only A++ star I thought she hated was Madonna but that doesn’t fit. Now re-reading it I’m going with Oprah with what she did with the Documentary. I got 3/4 then.

    I got nothing with these
    #6 Nicki Minaj
    #7 Cardi B

  3. It was reported Janet is going to be in a new movie produced by Oprah also starting Nas, Chadwick Boseman, and Ryan Destiny. The person who humiliated her family is Oprah.

  4. So Shawn’s PR beard jealous of Normani? Odd considering she has all of the odds in her favor. Someone must’ve told her that since Normani is brown skinned, she wouldn’t have anything to worry about, yet even with an audio glitch and wardrobe malfunction, Normani outshined her…

  5. excuse me? First off it’s tea it’s just not the way you are used to receiving it. I see you are used to being spoon fed. It’s ass? Well you know what you need to do hun.I am telling you shit you do not know just trying to make it unconventional and fun. If you prefer just someone telling you tea you can find everywhere then you are welcome to those sites there are plenty of them.However,there is no need for the disrespect

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