October 6, 2022

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4 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Live Nothing But The Truth Episode 5

  1. I’m getting to the place where some of this I just have to do separate research so I’m not comprehending different explanations. Because on the one hand we’ve been told that MK Ultra is what produces these “alternate personalities” to keep the artist under control. Now, he’s saying in this video that they’re TAUGHT to create an alias to “deal”. So, now is the ARTIST that creates the alternate or is it what they condition you to do under MK. Can’t be both. So, which is it?

    1. You have to remember that is his interpretation of it I am not sure he was saying that. ll of that from my gathering in the industry was it came from being under MK. Now let’s remember all of this is in the mind, the alias is in the mind you have heard Giselle say it several times you have heard Nicki say ” Roman comes out when I get mad and sometimes I wish he didn’t Handlers or producers that suggest these personalities that is all a part of it because if someone says that to you what are you going to think? Get out of here there is no way I can do that. You also have to remember I was a publicist I never actually seen anyone be put under MK I have been told by certain entertainers that they were sent to the hospital for evaluation and they can’t remember. Another thing and most important thing is love If you try to do your own research on something that is so secretive and is only truly known about in the industry by industry people guess what you are going to get? Different answers lol. Heaven was in the game longer than me I would feel safe with going with his experience over experiences that I have been told about. Keep in mind Heaven is speaking in the opening stages before they are fully put under

  2. I just upped my subscription to include Heaven Hollywood’s segment and I can’t see anything. I can’t see the video or any of his tea.

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