September 26, 2022

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27 thoughts on “The Real Reason Steffon Diggs Dumped 41- year- old Model Tae Heckard

  1. I had to google who winter blanco is…it’s just winter from bad girls club 😂 winter is a YouTuber now (not to bad a choice), dream doll is a rapper (Chile please) Meghan James is an escort pretty much lol and Natalie nunn is a madame wow ha funny how life flips.

  2. Okay I was trying to go and see her face up close to make sure that’s the same girl that used to play on The Game. But is her social media gone? I thought it says here that she’s an Instagram model. Maybe I’m just looking under the wrong name.

  3. I did hear of some guy someone stole from Teyana but I didn’t know it was this woman. She has a nice body, but I would def prefer a Teyana body right now lol. Snatched!

    Anywho, it’s crazy how these people r with this one and that one. The ladies and men trifling in this game.

  4. So when did her and brandon call a quits and how long have they not been with eachother?? I went to Tae Heckard page randomly on ig one day and saw her instasnap with this guy I’m guessing it was him in tge pic above and was confused. All i know is brandon said she 41 trying to keep up or something like that but I thought he was just mad at hwr

    1. I’m glad someone else was thinking exactly what I was thinking she’s 41 that could of been her son and at 25 men are hella childish I know that you can’t help who you like but as soon as he said he was 25 I would of been like boy bye

  5. Tae been in the game for a long time and has nothing to show for it, but a broken heart by someone 25 years old. Make it make sense.

  6. She is too beautiful and let’s face it too goddamn old to be getting run ragged by these lil niggas. Sis need to find a decent man and settle down and stop chasing these little boys

  7. Off topic but Lashawn Daniels the song writer and also Tamar and Vince ex friend is there any tea on wat happened to him with him dying in the wreck???

    1. Yes I was really sad to hear about LaShawn Daniels. Him and his wife seem really genuinely in love with each other. I would like to know what happened? It’s been a lot of accidents especially car wrecks lately. Plus you never know with this industry

      1. Yes it’s very sad and shocking! They did seem to be soooo in love and made for each other! These car wrecks that’s been going on lately is a red flag for me!

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