October 5, 2022

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46 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood What I Know part 2

    1. In the search bar i typed in “Heaven Hollywood” and scrolled through the posts and found a postcto sign up. Its $7.00 for lifetime membership (I missed out on the summer sale)

  1. Hol up! This was a good read my mouth was open the whole time
    So did usher give herpes to his recent wife he just divorced from?
    You think Rihanna slept with LA that night?
    I still can’t believe Jay Z pimps his wife out
    Big Daddy Kane doesn’t like men or does he?
    Now every time I see Lindsay I’m gonna be thinking choo choo train 🚂 💨💨

    1. Right! “Take me just to compliment the deal” has a whole new meaning, now 😩😩😂 I cant even listen to “upgrade you” without a side eye, now 😩😩😩🥴

  2. Whewwwwwww SHIT‼️‼️🥵🥵🥵🥵😂😂


    -I remember when DIDDY smacked Drake 😂😂
    -But you BLEW me with the SIDNEY STARR tea….. MICHEAL BLACKSTON?????? 😲😲😲😲 and PHORR???? I BELIEVE IT 100%‼️‼️ IT MAKES TOTAL SENSE‼️‼️‼️‼️

    That’s why Nikki broke up with him and never turned back after he did that CAUSE SHE KNEW HE SENT THAT VIDEO TO A TRANNY‼️‼️😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 But she never aired him out 😳😳….. THAT VIDEO DEF GAVE ME GAY VIBES cause ain’t no straight woman wanna see your ASSHOLE 🙄🙄🙄🙄….

  3. Wasnt the guy that Pebbles married in the R&B Group Confunkshin? I also heard she may have been a lady of the evening as to how she met the 41 year old…any clarification on this?

  4. Oh Lawd, some of these had my mouth hanging open!!! Lindsey L and the train!!! LL and Gabrielle, Damn Pebbles!

    I’m not shocked to hear about Kristen Stuart. Whenever I see pictures of her, she had “dead eyes” like she is just a shell. I think the industry has killed her spirit.

    1. She really does. I always thought jer acting was so empty, almost like she wasn’t all the way there. Idk how to describe it but she seems off for sure.

    2. I been knew about Pebbles. But where she fucked up at was her and Ashley attacking Chilli when both of those bitches, mainly Pebbles did the same damn thing!

  5. Yo this ☕️ I am dead deceased gone!!! Always had a feeling Michael Blckson was either low key gay or bi! Wheew Sidney Starr done brought the rappers to the yard 🤣 fo sure it’s Pho, I believe this 10000% also shows why he can’t settle with Nikki cause damn Nikki is fine and she loveddd him!!

    Um is that why Kristen Stewart seems like a low key troubled person with alota emotional baggage, she gives me those vibes!

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  7. I want a list of all the celebrities that have herpes!!! That’s so wild to me that everyone is fucking everyone knowing they have herpes. Why would people do that to themselves?!?!?!

  8. Micheal Blackston has me shook 🤯🤯.
    It was probably Phors brother Don if you go back and watch the episode there’s a part where Sydney is twerking and Don is looking at her ass lol

  9. Pebbles ain’t shit. Period.

    Diddy can’t get mad about drake wanting cassie when he screwing the mens and womens

    Damn usher. I still feel like some of his accusers are lying. I think they got a hold of his tea and saw it as an opportunity

    Bey and Jay ain’t shit. What kind of man pimps his own wife out to folks? Smh

    Lindsey always had a think for black men lol

  10. Here is the funny part. Jay thought by taking Giselle to Prince would guarantee him Prince’s vault. NOT!!!! According to my shipmate who lives down the road from Paisley Park, Prince took that HOE to dinner and returned that bitch right back to her Camel ass husband! Jay not only didn’t get the catalog, at one point he did, but he would have got sued and major FEDERAL TIME, he returned the music back to the estate and I mean every bit of it except the ones Prince gave him to used for Tidal. And poor Giselle, wore that purple dress for nothing thought she was going to get some Purple Potion. Sorry Bitch, Prince done became celibate. So no Purple Potion for you!

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