October 2, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Hot Takes 8/31/19

    1. I think it’s due to her boyfriend. He might be Muslim or something and the women are expected to be covered up

  1. Didn’t Angela Rye screw Charlamagne? Common just a sucker for love smh

    Megan better keep her distance

    I figured Jamie Foxx was wild but not with the guys too smh

    These white actors better get it together bc they exposing lots of them too

  2. Looks like the jokes on MTV cuz Missy performance was THEE BEST one for the MJ MTV Video Vanguard Award. She proved that when she did the SuperBowl NFL HalfTime Show. MIssy is the TRUTH!!!

  3. If Rhianna wants to dress more covered up because SHE wants to, I absolutely see no problem with that. I get tired of people going in on how she dresses now. She still looks really nice. But you see that is the downside to dressing risque and becoming known for it. People are really expecting her to dress like that all the time now or close to it. But maybe she is over it or being as risque as she used to be. I mean when Rhi was doing a lot of that she was in her 20s. Most ppl don’t still dress like they dressed in their 20s because we would probably look like the old dude in the club… You know dumb lol. I say let her be if SHE is wanting to dress down.

      1. Rigghttt. I mean her new covering up could very well be because Hassan is a devout Muslim. Not saying that isn’t possible. But maybe she too wants to dress down more. It is possible as well.

    1. Funny how Missy has 15 VMA’s but her performance was cut down to 7 minutes, meanwhile BET honors Mary J Blige and she putson a 20 minute free concert. Both are legends and icons in music and deserve the recognition. Hopefully BET honors Missy and they serve her properly because she definitely deserves it. Salute to Missy.

    1. Probably was supposed to pick up and sip from a coke can or have on a Nike hat or something. Some kind of ad placement.

  4. Yeaaaaaa Megan with Jay Z did rub me the wrong way smh….. I love LOVE LOVE me some Megan but being that I know what I know…. I keep thinking that her mom was DEF her sacrifice 😔😔😔😔😔😔 I DONT think she chose her mom tho but that is who her sacrifice was 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️😕😕🤔🤔🤔🤔

  5. Jay.Z and Bey have all the power in the music industry. So I’m not surprise Megan getting his co signed by him. All new artists in hip hop wants him to co signed them. I love Messy performance it was great to see her, she haven’t perform like that in years. She still got it. normani performance was great I hope she will get more support and more sponsors too.

  6. Funny how Missy has 15 VMA’s but MTV cut her to a 7 minute performance, meanwhile BET honors Mary J. Blige and she gave a 20 min free concert. Both are actual legends and icons in music, BET will hopefully honor Missy and will give her a proper salute. Even though it was 7 minutes, Missy still killed it. Congrats to Missy.

  7. Rih for me started covering up more before her new man. When I saw her on the Anti tour twice, her wardrobe was vastly different compared to other concerts of hers I’ve seen

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