September 29, 2022

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45 thoughts on “2005 World Awards The Night Amerie Put her Foot on Giselle’s Neck

  1. I honestly LIVED amerie‼️‼️ I had her CD I used to sing along and all 😍😍😍😍😍 damn it’s part of my childhood memories ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I did wonder wtf happened to her 🤔🤔

    N I didn’t know rhianna amerie n Tierra used to sing together???? 🤔🤔

  2. Nobody believed in Riri & was paying for promotion for Teairra Marie

    Then they thought Rih would be a one hit wonder & she worked her behind off funding her projects she should’ve been getting support on

    Now she doesn’t even need music. Her lingerie line is hitting the 150mil mark & Fenty Beauty is on its way to be a billion dollar business

  3. I really like Amerie and her music. For some reason I never hear any of Teair Marie songs. I didn’t know her until she got on reality tv. I remember when I first heard of ReRe I knew she was going to be successful in her music.

    1. Teairra would have made a name for herself in the music business had she stayed focus and not in dudes faces. And That came from another PR.

  4. I loved Amerie! Growing up blasian, I was extremely proud of someone like me, and darker in our works, her complexion was mine! Amerie made me want to sing, but how they did her and she was my favorites rite artist. And I only like Beyonce when she sings like Etta James. Kanye produced stuff. Thats her. And its still good music. Rihanna the talkest by for therefore more uses. My theory! Lol

  5. Teirra M performed live on something Steve Harvey was hosting and it was HORRIBLE!! I can see why her career failed..

  6. Wow she copied her style all the way down to the fan blowing the hair around smfh I know Amerie probably DESPISES bey and can’t wait for her to come crashing down. Amerie had Beyoncé sweating in music but bey should’ve been paying attention to Rih cause now Rih have her sweating IN LIFE haha invested all that time into stopping amerie and your true competitior was the underdog that came out on top! And no matter what she do that Rihanna rain just won’t let up haha ❤️

  7. Amerie deserves all the props for being the one that everybody wanted to copy. She’s heavily underrated, thanks to Giselle and many other artists that copied her style

  8. Aww so Beyoncé did what everyone else does in the music industry, ok next …. Amerie wasn’t destined for anything clearly, because my good sis Rih is at the top of her game.

  9. I’d be stanning heavy for Amerie by now hadn’t Giselle took her place. She was definitely the IT girl

  10. I still listen to Amerie’s first album. Giselle is a known swagger jacker. If it weren’t for her, Amerie would be reigning queen.

  11. That’s a damn shame. I’m watching this girl perform and clearly seeing exactly how Gisele took and ran with her style. It makes me just even more disgusted with the industry. There’s enough for everybody. It’s just so damn ugly it’s not even funny. And I was wondering why we hadn’t heard from her in such a long time because she just has such all natural presence about her. I really liked her.

    And when the three of them were performing Jay-Z couldn’t stop smiling. They did a nice ass job on that Destiny’s Child song! Killed it!

  12. I remembered that night all too well! Amerie’s ‘All I Have’ is the only cd you can play right thru without skipping. Plus, Amerie is from DC with that Go-Go sound. You damn right she was going for Giselle’s head!

  13. Poor Giselle. I know only know another artist that can pulled Seniority to be on their music besides Amerie and Shelia E. And that is Janet Jackson and the legendary Ms. Kathleen Battle, song, ” This Time”. Giselle want to play Q to the most high in the underworld, but if you can’t have nobody like the people I mentioned, you ain’t shit! I have not see her do that.

  14. I loved Amerie!! Her first 2 albums still gets play from me. She was fabulous, I hate she got swagger-jacked

  15. I remember this performance. Yea everybody in that business swagger jacks, but let’s be honest who has gotten caught the MOST in recent years? I will take Beyonce for 500 Alex? Time is gonna wind down on all this hijacking. It is gonna get so bad the Elites will have used her up and won’t care how she is seen to the world. Beyonce better cool it.

  16. Wow just wow. Amerie’s whole style was jacked but why did Jay Z allow it? All I see is Crazy in Love. Wow, I feel so bad for Amerie….

  17. No one was checking for Beyonce at that time either. Those were the good ol’ days but I am glad that she didn’t go thru because her soul was saved from that wicked industry

  18. I’m not a fan of Giselle so maybe I’m missing something. What songs that Giselle has that sounds like Amerie style? Amerie was dope but sounded horrible live. Not sure why Giselle would feel threaten since she clearly can sing.

    1. Giselle’s “Green Light” & “Crazy In Love” has that go-go sound Amerie had. In fact, Rich Harrison who produced most of Amerie’s early work wrote on and produced CIL.

  19. Damn Beyoncé stole everything from Amerie. Amerie was fire. @ G, why she hasn’t made a come back? Does Beyoncé have anything to do with her career? Like Keri and then?
    Off topic, what’s the real tea with Kevin Heart? Why would he leave the scene of the accident to go home them be taken to the hospital? He left and left the other 2 people there at the scene.

  20. A witch doctor once said if your blessings is in the spirit realm but not 3D then someone else is enjoying them. Giselle stole all of Amerie’s star power she really doesn’t have orginality. You gotta remember half of America didn’t like Giselle in Destiny’s child it was Latoya and Lativia they liked best even down to the dudes. It was always something about Giselle they didn’t like and it was her sneaky greedy vibe covered by a southern bumpkin smile. None of it is worth it because she’s so overhyped the world sees it now. Every award is politics she knows all the big Whigs. Even a psychic on YouTube said the ghost of Aaliyah haunts Giselle and she has a shrine about Aaliyah trying to figure out her wisdom. Aaliyah had more influence by FREE WILL with the public than Giselle has and it kills her. Also doesn’t help she smashed Jay Z too. Her words not mine. But trust she isn’t in bliss about her swagger jackin accomplishments.

  21. Damn there’s nothing like watching that video to see first hand. It makes u scratch ur head. Amerie killed it and it really does sound like all of beys hits after that. The band, the acknowledgments of people of stage, the dancing. Bey was so committed to being a single artist after this. It’s insane how just watching this video reminds you of all of Beys concerts. So sad Amerie and so many other artist had there career cut short cus of an insecure snake. And I thought she was a fucking legend haha

  22. Beyoncé has always been stealing other artists stuff. Her videos always looks familiar no matter how much she tries to hide it.

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