May 22, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Hot Takes 8/29/19

    1. She didn’t last long at all. I wonder if Meg will be next or will they pull somebody else out of the sky. I know they’re not gonna let up on Nicki, so she won’t be an option. Idk if theres anybody else worth mentioning

      1. I will like to see more new female rappers get a chance to shine. Nicki will not be on top no more. But she will make a lot of money. They destroy her image. Her come back will be a shock to the world. She will come back and be more successful than she ever been. All of this help is from a powerrful man who really like her. Right now Nicki need to pay that man off and be done with that relationship. I heard she wants a baby but she not in her best healthy right now.

      2. I totally agree with what you said. I’d love to see some new women. Nicki’s course has ran. It would be great if she goes and focuses o on her personal life (marriage, babies).

      3. Cardi hype was short as hell. Right now it’s her tryna do politics for her image and arguing with randoms on twitter, then a dash of sympathy with being pregnant working on her album. As if that’s what the grammys look at is you having a cold and sleeping on the couch to learn your lines. Oh and throwing nipsey name in the mix.

  1. I’m not a T Swift fan but I’m interested in seeing how her sales will be since they were tripping about her black love interest in the most recent video.

    Why did they remove Michael Jackson’s name from the Vanguard award?

  2. Lmao Drake is a boujie bitch 😂😂😂 Im with him tho. Cardi is just not someone I’d want to associate myself with for free 🤷‍♀️

    Shaunie dumb as hell to go back. He still gon cheat on her ass. She’s too pretty imo.

    Poor MJ. Makes me sad.

    So will this record between Miley and Ari be the death or Ari and nickis friendship ?

    1. G said that the elite was going to end the Nicki and Ari friendship this year. We was the last time they even talk about each other. This friendship ending along time go.

      1. They’ve mentioned each other on social media through their pages. Posted on each other stories and have left comments on each other pages. They friendship is more lowkey now.

      2. they are still good friends the post each other on their stories all the time and comment on each other post.

  3. Who is Katie Price?

    I’m glad Missy went on that stage and said thank you for giving me the Michael Jackson video vanguard award lol.

    All the rest get a 😐 face from me

  4. Six figures for a verse 😳

    Katie Price is a mess, to be that old and still getting more surgery and still cheating and being cheated on LAWWDD I wouldn’t know what to with my life 🤦🏽‍♀️

  5. I feel bad for Khloe because no matter how much surgery or thin she gets, she’s gonna always be the fat ugly sister mentally. I hope she doesn’t pass her issues to true

  6. Im glad for Cardi, I think its the best thing for her. Ever since she came into the industry we have been on her ass, and its evident she cannot handle the fame.

  7. Shaunie don’t do it.

    Poor Mike, they do him dirty in life AND death. Good for Missy for still saying his name while accepting the award.

    Khloe stays on social media too much. Just push your product, post a pic or 2 and then put the phone down hun.

    This Cardi deal is interesting. I just want to watch and see 👀👀.

  8. On some real shit I don’t want to see cardi fail.. I won’t prey on her down fall… but she better start getting creative cause if she waits to long is will be over sooner then she thinks 🙏🏾🖤

  9. we heard and saw everything on crazy in love, and Amerie just vanished. I truly believe this, I heard this back in the day.

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