September 29, 2022

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25 thoughts on “The Real About Lebron James And His Ladies While Dating Savannah

    1. those grey sweatpants determine otherwise 😂😂😂 jk, maybe he’s a grower & not a shower 😂😂😂😂😂

  1. I think he loves Savannah (My fav basketball wife😍), but he married her more so for the optics and benefits. I believe he’s still cheating on her. Question, what about Rih and allegedly Camel’s Wife?

    1. A person who cheats is a person who love themselves, not their partner. He may have love for her but chose to wife her because she provides a clean image for him.

  2. LeBron was VERY open with his cheating when he played in Cleveland. Paid for one woman’s hair salon, put another girl through med school, had a different one he flew out to Vegas when he does his “boys trips” 👀 etc. A few even looked like Savannah

    Had a few separate properties between Akron & Cleveland designated for his side women

    I for the life of me don’t understand why Savannah puts up with it bc there’s no money in the world to be cheated on & disrespected like this.

    For a long time when the cheating rumors first started she was in denial & wanted proof. I’m sure that is no longer the case anymore or she simply looks the other way

  3. I think Savannah is so gorgeous. If you look in her eyes you can see in some pictures the pain of her awareness about everything he does. I truly believe he doesn’t hide it from her but she probably thinks “where can I go?” Has to be painful to live a lie but a guess we all do to some degree. If it works for her, hey more power to her.

    1. that’s what i was going say you can see that she knows and she’s hurting when u see her or when they are together ..maybe they are still together as a contract for his image and the kids

  4. Did he fuck Jordin sparks ? I swear I remember a headline in like 08-09 but When I tried looking it up I found nothing .

      1. I thought I was going crazy !! I swear I can’t find it anywhere else but I know I saw it.

  5. I think Savannah just love being a mom and a housewife. she noe wat it comes with but she just ask for respect not to be embarrassed

  6. People only refuse to believe the cheating rumors cause they mostly Lebron cheating with non-black women and no wants to believe he’ll cheat on his black queen with a white chick like yes juelz for example smfh folks need to wake up. He a dog just like the other ball players regardless of the color of the pussy. Quite frankly I don’t find Lebron attractive in the slightest, only thing cute about him is his bank account but hey that’s all these chicks care about anyway am I right? Lol

  7. People don’t want to hear that their Kang, LeBron, is a dirty dog cheater. Bron puts up a good front. But he better watch it. One day all that dirt just might come out and show he is trash like all these other ball players. Playing for team garbage pail kids.

  8. Chile, I’m nononsense47 on I.G. and I had to gather a poor misguided soul under your comments so I truly apologize G I guess people love their blue pills and fluoride smoothies

  9. I thought Lebron and Savannah were high school sweethearts…
    Carmen Ortega was or used to mess with Reggie Bush. I can see why Kim can’t stand her.

  10. Is it me or does Lebron look scared as fuq in that pic with yes? He look like he about to shyt his pants! Lol

  11. Adrienne and lebron! Staaaaaaaap it ! I can’t picture that height difference 😂. It must’ve been good tho in 7 mths he proposed. Adrienne got secretsss

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