May 22, 2022

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21 thoughts on “PR Diaries The Strange Relationships Of The Jackson’s Part 1 Jermaine Jackson

  1. What an ass 🤦🏾‍♀️. That’s why he looks so bad now = karma 😆 He’s looking like the clown he is

  2. Funny thing, my auntie & uncle went to school with Jermaine & they’re still friends till this day.
    I met him several times at her house (she’s now on his legal/lawyer team) & he tried it on me with his wife there the first time he saw me.
    Every-time he saw me he’d say “you need to be mine, guys your age won’t do nothing for you” (I just turned 33, I was 24 when I first met him).
    I have pictures & more to prove it…
    He & I talk till this very day…

    1. Jermaine always been a greedy bastard. He always wanted to be the star but Michael outshined his ass and he to this day can’t stand it! That’s why he rushed to try to get Michael money when he passed along with the rest of those Jackson vultures. They want to live lavish but nobody cares about them only Michael and Janet. Hard to live lavish when you ain’t got the funds!

  3. Smh…with his painted on side burns…I do wish someone would have intervened with Whitney… she was so talented and beautiful- she deserves a better ending..

  4. Whew chile, Jermaine ain’t give one single solitary fuck. He should have tho because he was never that cute. Mess. 😂😂

  5. Jermaine can’t call nobody a faggot he looks and dress like one. This man is crazy and nasty. He is a fool. if Whitney would have taken him back. He will still cheat on her and spend her money on child support.

  6. I remember when sharpie pen Jermaine said if it wasn’t for him nobody would know who Michael Jackson is
    Like girl bye

  7. Jermaine’s ol dog ass, cheating ass, hating ass had no chance. It’s always the ones that be riding coattails that swear the big star got famous bc of them. Idk nobody that personally asks for Jermaine or his music. Idk what he was smoking

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