September 29, 2022

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26 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Cardi B’s Muscle Getting Arrested

      1. Ain’t nobody else fault that she can’t keep good company around her or that she made offensive comments in the past. She needs to learn to watch her mouth and drop this hood chick with money mentality. Especially if it’s hurting her image which hurts her bag.

    1. First of all I don’t stan anybody that shit mad corny. But facts are facts u can’t control what other people do y’all actin like that man was forced to sell crack he did that shit on his own. And obviously that so called “hood chick” shit hang hurt her brand if she still getting paid. Y’all kill me with that. Y’all praise Nicki annoying ass for the same thing y’all bash Cardi for make it make sense. Y’all just don’t like her get over it

      1. I SAID WHAT THE FUCK I SAID. You know it’s possible to dislike retardi without being a barb right? I literally said the reasons why I dislike her and you still brought Nicki up. What does she have to do with what I said? You Retardi gang people are obsessed with Nicki, it’s weird. Like I said her untalented, colourist, culture vulture ass can go and so can you idiots that support her. You guys bitch everytime someone don’t kiss her ass. YOU can get the fuck over me not liking her. Fuck outta here 😂

      2. People can’t take that some people jus like Cardi for who she is, not having anything to do with anybody else. The name calling and insults are childish when you can’t find any other way to express your thoughts or views. Social media has made people so judgemental and hateful.

    2. Wrong but do you know hate is hateful? Calling black women roaches. Anyone who defends people like that deserves to get called whatever name. You can FOH with her. Bye girl

  1. WOW! I thought the case was settled weeks ago. They sure aren’t wasting time with getting her out are they. Possible drug charges too… WOW 😨!

  2. They got rid of her publicist too if you didn’t notice that already. Patience no longer works for Cardi

  3. This woman will not learn that you can’t always keep certain company around you when you make it big. Image is everything especially for a POC in white Hollywood. It’s one thing to bring folks that came up with you in the hood along with you, but if that can’t evolve mentally with you then they HAVE to get dropped cause their actions fault you since they are around you. Celeb friends and acquaintances decisions ALWAYS some how fall back on the celebrity regardless if they are involved or not because they are the cash cow. Cardi needs to learn that so she can drop the hood chick shit and develop as a public figure.

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