October 5, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Hot Takes 8/26/19

    1. I think it meant to say trump gonna take credit for something. Maybe this whole jay z nfl crap, heaven already spoke on it and predicted that trump gonna use jay to win the black vote for his re-election.

  1. Nope lil x nas is definitely gay. Y’all do not know he used to run a whole ass barb page for nicki. Used to date a nicki stan on Twitter.

    1. That was never confirmed that was rumor and assumption….. so other than that what proof do we have that he is?

  2. Trump is gonna what?
    And I need news is erica and safaree relationship fake or real
    Chris Brown dang I thought ammika or diamond was the one

  3. Hell I was on the line of Waffles & Pat order that hit on Bobby. I mean Pat is broke and I damn sure ain’t heard from Waffles since Whitney’s and Chrissy’s deaths. I was more leaning on those two who needed the money.

    1. I wonder have jay.z and p.daddy had ever got down before. Nas X is gay I see it in his eyes. He like what he likes. Bobby Brown he better watch his back. And his sister always talking. Chris Brown really need to get his life together. His 30 now and still playing these childish games. He need to grow up and learn for his past mistakes. Why would you have another baby by someone he done want to be with.

  4. Yep I heard that story about Clarence Heatley aka Black hand of death going after Bobby. Some say urban legend, but with everything Bobby has gone through, I say truth. The mob NEVER forgets.

    So Chris Brown is talking to another chic while the other girl is allegedly pregnant. Neither of them are girls he wants to have a actual relationship with. This is comical and sad 😢.

    1. So we are faking sexuality to sale albums now? Really Frank Ocean? Lawd nothing surprises me with these people anymore.

  5. Nas Maraj is definitely gay….. the proof is all over twitter Years before now ….. Bobby Brown’s sister been crazy

    1. Whitney’s family ran through that money already? Also. Wouldn’t the royalties from the Dont Be Cruel album go to his basketball team of kids anyways?

  6. These typos are ridiculous. I love the site but geez…get a proofreader. What was the last item abt trump???

  7. I believe SOMETHING happened with Bobby and they’re trying to cover it…..

    SINCE DAY 1 I SWEAAAAAAR TO YALL MY GAY RADAR DOES NOOOOOOT GO OFF when I see Lil NAS X I really never ever believed for 1 second that he is really gay AT ALL. Not one drop of gayness in him idc idcccc….

    N IM A LIL BABY FAN SO WTF DID I MISS????? What happened???? Where can I find footage?

  8. Frank Ocean came out as gay and TOTALLY DISAPPEARED…. come to think of it…. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 so what do you mean bout lil nas pulling a frank ocean? Just lying bout being gay? And if so WTF IS THE POINT OF THAT?????

  9. Lil Nas X is for sure gay. The inside baseball on him is someone was threatening to ezpose3him and his nudes so he went ahead and came out.

  10. pulling that gay card is to get a bigger audience, right? Frank was too calming with it.. i didn’t believe it

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