October 2, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Dropping Tea On The Industry

  1. Nicki was just doing what was done to her. Cardi seems really childish to me for holding that grudge.

    That Will and Duane tea got me.

    Eddie so damn petty lmao. If only I could be a fly on the wall for him and Babyface’s conversations

    1. That shit hella funny😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Eddie stay wit the funny shit even while being mad😂😂😂 i couldnt take him serious

  2. I always wondered about D Wade and Gabby. Gabby did say that she likes to “toss his salad”. Plus, their son coming out as gay didn’t sit right with me for some reason.

  3. What did she expect? Cardi can barely rap, doesn’t write her shit and she got famous for being ratchet. Why would nicki be eager to do a track with her? I hate when people get mad that you’re pointing out what they put out.

  4. As far as her eluding to it I hope you’re not talking about when she said a female rapper looked at her like she was dirt because Kelly Rowland was at the same event and when you google it nicki was no where to be seen

  5. Eddie is petty as hell LOL but I don’t understand why he’s coming for Babyface like that. Is there more to the story?

  6. Hey G, I love the new layout! On the first page though I can’t see any pics. When I click on the story tho, I see all the pictures.

  7. I mean Nicki reacting to Cardi like that might be somewhat karma but it doesn’t surprise me. Cardi and Nicki are two totally different people, and plus one writes and the other doesn’t. Plus Cardi just can’t get out of her own way with her attitude and actions and the way she carries herself. Nicki knows when and where to act ghetto and when and where to not.

  8. Back in the day with Cardi and Nicki…. So really Nicki could have helped the girl tone down her ratchet BEFORE the record company got hold of her 🤔 Interesting. Cardi should let it go because however she is popular, she can continue to ride the train until it stops. And it’s funny how much people attack her not reading the WHOLE story above (it does say BACK IN THE DAY) and the fact that everyone was raised differently and processes different. Not defending…IJS.

  9. I thought G said Nicole Murphy wasn’t a lesbian. When the lesbian superhead Daphne Wayans offered to break her off.

  10. I thought I read on here at some point this year that Babyface and Toni are secretly married? So how is she dating Eddie in his face? Someone clear this up for me?

    1. I think it was back in the day Toni dated Eddie either after he divorced Nicole or way before he married her. I don’t remember but I did remember reading that Toni and babyface were secretly married

    2. Yeah maybe she was laughing during her marriage to Babyface. Which why he almost stroked out 🤷🏾‍♀️ I agree that part was unclear

      1. That was before Toni and face and lets not forget THIS IS MY OPINION based on things i have seen there is no guarantee that they are married I said I believed they were

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