September 26, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Industry Advice : You Ask For The Industry Advice In The Comments

  1. 1) what would be the best route to go if you are trying to enter the industy BUT you already have children and you want to keep them protected from the creeps? Is it an option to keep them out the spotlight or if you get to a certain level or something they then Force you to give up your child for sick stuff to keep your career?

    2) what’s the best route to go if you want to get into like tv work like maybe talk show host? Is it possible to not sell out but still do that line of work?

    3) how can you stay under the radar from those mansion parties and sick Pedo Parties or are you required to go to both those types of parties? If you refuse do they make you suffer?

  2. How do you get into the adult entertainment industry (porn)? I’m talking about camgirling and mainstream porn companies like Vivid or Wicked Pictures?

    Do you have to sell your soul/illuminati in order to be a contract girl?

    I know that mainstream porn doesnt make that much money and the days of Jenna Jameson are over, but I’m interested in it for promotional purposes. I want to produce my own content and stuff like that.

    How would I go about getting a Premium snapchat, Onlyfans? etc.

    1. What is the best advice for a light-skinned black woman to get to the mainstream porn level (winning awards etc.)? I am lighter than say Teanna Trump.

  3. Hi I would like to get into modeling and acting. I am 25 and black . I was considering getting myself out there on my own. Camera, camera equip, demo reels, modeling purchased designers, blogging. I have always wanted to do skits like isa and Robin in hollywood. Just curious as to what the best way would be. Thank you Gina! 🙂

  4. Would it be possible for a young soul/r&b female singer to win a grammy without doing rituals and being an independent artist?

  5. Hi, I want to make it in the model industry, I don’t to be a supermodel because I’m older. But, I feel like giving up because of my age. Sure, I continue to pursue a career in modeling?

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