August 15, 2022

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17 thoughts on “DJ Akademiks Goes Off on Nicki Minaj In Disrespectful Rant

  1. The fact that he’s speaking on it while recording himself playing Fortnite. LMAOOOO How has anyone taken his hater opinion seriously for this long?

  2. I always wondered where the hell he came from he just popped up out the blue and was popular. I agree Nicki need to keep the speed and address anyone that wants the smoke and tell them not to try to get clout off her name. Forget breakfast club cause they trolling if they want an interview they need to go to queen radio she don’t need to go to them. Call his mouse looking ass to queen radio and clown him like she did joe, maybe even worst cause at least joe comes from the industry, Akademiks Just a youtuber that got lucky. And yes address all the beef and PLEASE make amends with drake (which probably won’t happen with her HuSbAnD around..drop him and get back good with drake).

    1. Nicki should respond with a lawsuit filed against his ass. You can’t just record someone with out them knowing. I don’t think should need to say anything about drake or cardi. That will make her look like a hater if she bring them up. Her man can’t really done nothing to protect her. I just think she should tell her whole story then. Sue he ass for 3m. Nicki Minaj just need to stay out of the social media for a while. Stay out of the public. And if her man can’t fight for her, she need to leave his ass.

  3. He sound his a blabbing mouth ass woman. !okay he like the rest of the industry don’t like Nicki. Dudes these days just missing their vagina

  4. Don’t put a “DJ” in front of a name if you are going to make and mix tunes for a profit. The only profit this asshole is going to make is a Looney Tune. All Nicki has to do is shutdown all of his social media accounts and sue his dumb ass.

  5. For the life of me I don’t understand AK’s Appeal but it’s young people who made him important so I can’t say much.

  6. All the blogs are homemade. You too. He made a way in this industry , you can’t knock him for that. Nicki can’t just say whatever she wants and expect for everyone to just take that shit. GTFOH. You have some good post but your blog is bias.

  7. She talked shit about him during the whole time she was talkin to joe I don’t feel bad for sis. U keep defending her yet and still she is the one that keeps putting HERSELF in the position for people to speak negatively about her. Don’t talk shit about people then expect them not to clap back. That’s life get over it

  8. Why do y’all get so frustrated about Nicki speaking up for herself after so long. You can never win with haters they want to do and say anything to you and about you but don’t want you to defend yourself. Btw stop with the bias crap why y’all always calling somebody bias when they defend Nicki? Every blog has people they like and dislike just like the rest of us stop crying

  9. Bloggers don’t get a degree to report on entertainment so I don’t see why his opinion is so offensive

  10. The fact that he just sat there playing a video game(clown 💩) and REPEATED what Cardi AND Nicki said is the problem. Why are these women telling this man ANYTHING. That is some messy 💩 right there. But from what I see everyone thinks Akademicks is a clown. So why is anyone feeling the need to tell him shit or even listen to him.

  11. I swear I kept wondering HOW DF HE BECAME FAMOUS 🤔🤔🤔🤔….. all this time I swear it’s been burning inside me 😂😂😂😂

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