August 15, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Hot Takes 8/16/19

  1. I’m glad Rih is done with the Carters

    This Jay-Z deal is getting so much backlash they had to put out a press release that Jay-Z May be a minority owner in the future which again has nothing to do with social activism or Colin ever getting a job in the NFL again. This will be like his .01 ownership of the Brooklyn Nets all over again

  2. Most ppl see through Jay-Z & his self-serving capitalism. Any trend or movement he sees making others money or gaining clout, him & his wife aren’t too far behind to try to make it for themselves & want the credit. Their fans are already calling this a chess move when the NFL owner’s are racist Trump supporters.

  3. Jay z. Smh. Drake? Lol. Mel b should stop. Lady poetry should happily retire. Is she broke? What happened with Nicki?

  4. All folks can talk about is how great it is he a part owner. People are praying jay hire kapernick so they don’t have to call him what he is…A UNCLE TOM! damn sheep!

    Prison bae better sit his ass down! Them billionaires will have him killed and call it a suicide or an aneurysm. Be grateful you found someone stupid enough to have a baby with yo ass and take them child support checks and keep it moving.

    1. I don’t understand why they done with Katy Perry. Over a song with Nicki Minaj. Nicki make a lots of songs with white and black people. Nicki still making songs with people who are good with the elites. They elites let Megan work with Nicki, chance the rapper, Arinana Grande, and many more people work with Nicki this year and last year. We we need more answers to why the music industry done with Katy. There’s got to be more to the story.

  5. Yea choke no joke be dropping some big shit….. but like maybe since most ppl don’t know of him maybe they will leave him alone cause ppl will think he’s just…. CRAZY? 🤔🤔

  6. I bet Katy regrets trading in her Christian faith for the fickle music industry. I wonder if her parents still have that church in Fort Valley…

  7. That’s right rih let all that stuff go

    Mel B is funny lol

    I been done with Jay-Z its funny how a lot of people not with him on this one

  8. So if the Elites/industry is done with Katy, they are letting her secrets out. In other words, did Katy really assault those people and it was kept hidden until now or is this one of their many lies to get folks out? We all know how witchy Hollyweird gets down.

    Is Rhianna really gonna be that boss bish and go against Jay? Will she stand strong in her opinion and not back peddle? This will be interesting 👀👀.

    And NO Jay z doesn’t speak for all us. Some of us can read through Bullshyt.

    Nebby is gonna end up broken hearted 💔.

  9. Everything Jay does is to benefit him!!! He comes across like he’s for the people but he’s really not! He was just telling Travis Scott not to perform during super bowl halftime. He didn’t want anyone working with true NFL because it would fuck up his plan( to make it seem like HE could bring them together again) he’s a FRAUD!! He wanted to be the one to get that check. The slap in the face Kaepernick was when he said we are past the kneeling. What he should be saying is if an athlete wants to kneel during the anthem he should do so.
    See the problem is some follow people based on popularity and because “they said “ we don’t know these people (at least I don’t) personally so why Should I listen or believe anything he says.
    Just my opinion.

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