October 6, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Quick Hits 8/15/19

  1. Jay z wi xo amything for a check. Im annoyed with him for this shit- especially since he and his wife are profitting off of black pride and all that. This move was selfish and was bs. He made a check and sold everybody out. Im done with him.

  2. I hope people finally cancel JayZ after this house nigga move. It’s blacks like him who use the black community to get a platform but once they do they only look out for themself. The only reason he was granted this position is due to his influence over those who do know any better. Once people turn their back on him, watch how quick the elite dismiss his black ass

  3. Folks need to leave nicki alone

    I hope this “power move” Jay Z made opens folks eyes up. Their fav is more concerned with making his money over anything else. Smh hot mess

  4. Idk I feel like Nicki got some tricks up her sleeve with Cardi b maybe been digging up some dirt… They’ve taken shots at each other since budden came on and I feel like things are gonna keep going and going until Cardi finally says what’s good bitch? Since she the hot head.Then Nicki gonna get her on queen radio and some shit gonna do down cause that’s what everyone wanna see, them go face to face. And Cardi is at a stand still with Atlantic too? Oh yeah I’m keeping an eye out.

    1. Imlilperry that will never happen. Two people who hate each other will not work together. Lil.kim and foxy Brown never got together. After all thses years. So Nicki and Cardi will never work together. History had shown that women in hip hop can’t unit after a beef. Women hold on to shit forever. Men beef all the time and than they will makeup and work together. Meek and drake. Nas and jay z. I don’t have no hope in them do anything together. All of the talk about women need to support each other b.s. they were saying in 2017 and 2018 was fake shit. They say one women should be the only one at the top. But there’ is only one falmale rapper that winning all of the awards. That the same shot they were complaining about in 2017 when they was grouping on Nicki. They doing the same b.s. now in 2019. In 3 years they are going to say the same shit about the new queen of rap. Round and round it goes.

      1. I wasn’t referring to them working together positively. What I meant was Nicki baiting Cardi to lash out and then Nicki propose some form of showdown on queen radio or wherever maybe and then if Cardi accept to prove “she ain’t no punk” or whatever, when she come up to queen radio Nicki expose that ass or something. Idk I just feel Nicki has a reason to be doing all this going against radio personnel and throwing shots in the process… whatever it is I feel she has something up her sleeve.

  5. I’m glad folks is coming out and saying this was a personal gain move that jay did cause that’s the truth! Reading shaderoom comments is annoying cause those sheep really think jay for the culture. And it’s comedic seeing industry people in there defending jay, when they only doing it to not become unemployed! Ain’t nobody foolish.

  6. Nicki basically said what we already know lol the sheep on social media won’t see tho. And Cardi liked shady comments about Meg b4 this whole thing, so who’s really obsessed w who? Nicki was talking bout EVERYONE yet somehow crazy Cardi made it about herself smh

  7. During the interview on Joe’s show Nicki mentioned something about rappers sucking deejays peens… I immediately thought of Cardi lol… she also basically said there would never be any making up with people she previously had beef with. I don’t necessarily like Nick’s attitude, but I definitely admire the fact that’s she’s staying ten toes down on her opinions and feelings whether right or wrong.

    1. All of this is a hot mess. Trina, Nicki, jay z, CTG. What the hell is going on. Trina is right and nicki is right. If Trina had a problem with Nicki why didn’t she call Nicki herself. I thought they were close. Nicki should have post about her song with Trina and do a video with her. Trina team should not be so messy that’s not good to have people who work for you to start fights and trouble with other artists. These two women should be able to mend things. Jay.z will do anything for money. He will give up his family if he had to. Nicki its time to move on from this music. Take your money and move far away. Get out of the U.S.

      1. Nicki did post about BAPS, several times. They did not do a video because Trina didn’t have a budget for one.

  8. Sad seeing people defend Jay and putting trust in him that he and his robot wife will save the black community. Did y’all see Rih liked Shaun King’s post about Jay? Yikes…maybe she’ll say she “accidentally liked” the post if Jay gives her a call…

  9. I don’t want to see anyone fail, and I understand that at the end of the day all of these artists are just human pawns in a bigger game. However- I am waiting on the Cardi narrative to turn. It isn’t that I want to watch her crash and burn, it is that I want to see the fan reaction when it is time for a new female to take over. I just don’t see any female rapper having the longevity that Jay Z, Nas, or any male rapper has or had. I wonder if every blogger and radio host is going to go on a campaign talking about how negative or miserable she is. I wonder if her age will be thrown up.. I just wonder what the story will be when her time is up…

  10. This new business move Jay has made benefits no one but himself and Beyonce. They put this crap under “social justice reform” as a smoke screen to hide all the benefits they(Jay/NFL) will be getting. Trust me nothing in the name of justice will be happening. And some are gullible enough to buy it(social justice reform). The BIG mistake is putting Colin’s name in it, knowing dang well he didn’t tell this man anything about this. He was stupid because he should know Nessa was/is gonna speak on the backstabbing. Jay blocked all the other artist from working with the NFL because he was getting it set up for himself.

  11. “I said no to the Superbowl, you need me, I don’t need you
    Every night we in the endzone, tell the NFL we in stadiums too” – Jay Z ~ LYRICS LAST SUMMER
    Fast forward to summer 2019 🤦🏾‍♀️
    He definitely had a plan that was developing behind the scenes. The mere fact that Kap is not on board speaks VOLUMES!
    Now let’s see how this helps the black community.

  12. Cardi lets everything get to her i get it being bashed ain’t easy but you’re praised twice as much like that ain’t enough? Mfs worshipping you ain’t that the reason ppl sell they soul?

  13. JAYZ made a lot of artists boycott the last Super Bowl. He is a snake but black ppl are so brainwashed 😏

  14. I guess Colins settlement bans him from speaking about anything NFL. Sadly Trina choose bad A&R for this album. The lazy bums expected Nicki to do all their work and carry the album after only collaborating on 1 song. Trina was right. She picked the wrong people to work for her-a bad business decision.

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