October 5, 2022

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38 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 08/14/

  1. 1- Arod and Jlo
    2- Wendy Williams and Kev
    3- Selena Gomez and her friend kidney donor
    4- Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

  2. Off topic but do you have any specific sugar on take off from the migos? I remember he posted a picture with some girl and she’s pregnant…but i also remember when you said he was gone be linked to an ig model but what ever happened with that?

  3. 1. Arod/ Jlo
    2. Wendy and Kev
    3. Tracy Morgan and the ex, but looking at the comments maybe it is Selena
    4. Kylie and Travis. It’s alot of other people including “family” on that trip. Including her new bestie Stassi. Jordyn is out doing her thing alone now.

  4. #8141: A-Rod & J-Lo.
    #8142: Wendy Williams & that dog Kevin Hunter.
    #8143: Selena Gomez & ole’ girl from “grown-ish”, Francia.
    #8144: P. Diddy & Lori?

  5. Hi G, do you know where Mary40 is? She dissapeared from YouTube and I was wondering if you have any contact with her. Is she ok?

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