October 6, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Quick Hits 8/14/19 Nicki MInaj, Meg Thee Stallion, Kylie Jenner, Cardi B

  1. I forgot all about Trina smashing meek mill but Jackie Os a&r well old a&r recently emailed someone about how Trina use to stop her bag so basically Trina ain’t shit cardi doesn’t wanna be a rapper let alone famous she’ll find her path Kylie is going to be pretty much be the kourtney of the group yes she’s successful but she will have a bunch of kids and that mess with dua lipa eww

    1. So was that picture going around of a man going down on a chick really Trina and Meek cause it looked like them….

  2. kylie need to listen to big sis she will know she don’t want her to settle like she has and be (stuck) she better take a page from kohl’s book
    poor cardi ran her month so much might get replaced
    ever since miley got that black taste never been the same
    last thing we need is another beef from nicki

    1. I think Kylie just wants something real that she can love cause god knows her life is so contrived and scripted. All we see is the glitz and glam of it all, but I’m sure it’s not what we think it is behind closed doors. Plus shes already achieved what most people have to work a lifetime to achieve if ever, the only thing left to do at this point is get married and have kids. She’s done everything else.

  3. Ok I’m still confused on this trina and nikki thing they’re both childish

    I like kim and always have she seems to be the one who knows true balance of life

    Liam liam idk what to tell you bro you won’t let miley go

  4. Cardi had public figure for a min even when she was hot I noticed she changed it after niggas was saying she not a real rapper cause she don’t write her own shit
    N Kylie can do wat she want please she fuckin rich

  5. Regardless where cardi is on the charts her hype has died down period. And when i say hype im talking about the hype of wanting her to win, to take nicki spot and to piss nicki off. Whether people want to admit or not cardi name was attached to nicki and a lot of people supported her with the thought of not liking nicki. (not all) They gave cardi everything too early only for nicki to still be around kicking and fighting. And why hasn’t remy or kim acknowledged meg? They were up cardi ass, i thought they liked real bitches and writers that freestyle.

    1. Lmao RIGHT! I woulda caught on faster if it said “Chris and Gwyneth still outchea with the orgies y’all.” 😂

  6. Poor Liam. But is the truth. Miley doesn’t love you like that. Pick up the pieces and find a woman who will have your back like you have hers.

    Cardi Doesn’t want that life. If she does she better decide quick. They are pushing Meg forward full steam ahead. But Cardi has already had so much drama. Even if she decides to get with the Elites, they may not even want her anymore. If that is the case, Cardi they just did you a favor… Save yourself.

    Kylie is strange. If I am in my 20s and a zillionare the last thing I am worried about is having a dude’s baby. Birth control on lock. You want me? Better catch me on my yacht 😝😎.

  7. Kyle better listen to Kim she actually knows what she’s talking about. She gonna be stuck with Travis and it will forever change her image.
    Miley and Liam no one should be surprised G definitely said it a few weeks ago.
    Chris and Gwen are nasty!!

  8. I’ve been done with Nicki numerous years ago & are for several reasons & at the top of the list is her hatred towards black women.

    Saying we’re “nappy headed hoes that need perminator” & bc you don’t like someone on the internet calling out your problematic & dysfunctional relationship with a rapist murderer & get on a live with millions of fans to not even apologize for twisting around the #Blackgirltragic hashtag to make it about you & your fans trashing “hating ass black women” I mean at what point will black women realize that Nicki Minaj doesn’t give a damn about you but is first in line to defend her pedo brother & willing to marry a murderous rapist?

    She only wants your support when the yt folks in the industry turn their backs on her & if she’s embraced by them again will do the exact same thing she’s been doing

    As for the beef with Trina, I mean didn’t Lil Kim warn us how NM is? All these ppl with a negative experience/encounter/messy thing said about them can’t all be liars & Nicki is the perfect & innocent angel in all of this right?

    At the end of the day everything Nicki Minaj perceives as negative can’t all be someone else’s fault when she’s definitely had a hand in being messy & petty in particular with ppl who’ve never came for her like Riri & her not wanting to be with someone on her level but then wants to cry foul when it goes wrong

    She has all this energy for Cardi B & her haters but missing how much she continues to alienate ppl in & out of the industry that no longer want to be bothered. She’s mute on the same celebrity friends that were once propping her up that still hang out with Cardi B, call her to show up at a show or still show love & support in her comments on IG & have yet to publicly defend Nicki on anything since Shether

    The industry will prop out another 10 Cardi B’s before they stop deactivating NM but we all know NM won’t go after the real ppl who are making that happen so hopefully Megan the Stallion is paying attention bc once she gets big too, it’s going to be Nicki Minaj all over again crying wolf & spewing whatever negative things/rumors she can use against her on Queen Radio. SMH

    1. Reese8507 couldn’t agree more, I rarely comment on NM. When I was younger I use to like her a lot, but I have always hated her attitude since the beginning. As I got older it started to get old, like girl we’re all growing and maturing and you still sound so miserable, angry, mad & just annoying at this point. She just yells like crazy and doesn’t let others speak or get their side in.

    2. After doing research on that hashtag I could see why folks would find it offensive. But all in all I see what point Nicki was trying to get at no lie. The community (women and men) turned on Nicki as soon as Cardi came on the scene and it didn’t take us long to do it. Now everytime something happens it’s usually the community that attacks first and attacks the worst, other communities just follow along. Black people be the first one to diss anything Nicki and troll all her accounts and even urban blogs and stations are paid to drag her (budden, breakfast club, shaderoom too). I think Nicki is fed up watching the community drag her life (even though she should drop the clown BF) and so she been saying what she saying. Again I wouldn’t use that hashtag But her feeling like only her own is dragging her is out there for the world to see all you gotta do is check the comments of anything with her name attached. It especially sucks since white controlled media shifted everyone against Nicki through fake stories and paid off media & folks turned against her with ease, didn’t care to research just went cold.

      Plus I personally never felt like Nicki hated her own. The perm verse never sparked outrage when she first said it folks sung it with no complaints. If it was said today folks might be mad cause social media is sensitive And Because it’s nicki. Cardi called black women roaches and talked about a woman’s dead kid and folks let her rock, just the selective times we live in.

  9. Liam is too good to be torturing himself like this. I legit can see a scenario of him still one day taking Miley back

    I hope Miley realizes what she’s giving up & all the sex & flings in the world isn’t going to replace a man who loves you & your flaws & you still aren’t happy with him

  10. Trina’s A&R did say in an interview that people in Nickis camp said she don’t fuck with Trina like that. Trina’s live later will be interesting and I have a feeling they will not be friends after this

  11. Liam need to let his nuts hang and leave the bitch for good. I’m sure there’s multiple women who’d love him and treat him right smh . So did Brody’s wife leave him because of Miley? And did Miley leave Liam for her ? What a mess.

    I think Kylie knows Travis ain’t for her but she prolly will do a Kim and have all her kids by him before she leaves him. I’m sure she’ll be alright In the end . All that money can keep her company lol

    So Beyonce likes the pink? I’d never imagine lol or was jay the only one taking part of the swapping?

  12. Hev I want ready for all that but uuummmmmm was it good tho💯💯💯🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼😜😜😜😜

  13. Hey G I wanted to know if you would do a story on the undercover trannys , I’m really feeling in my heart of hearts that Kylie Jenner was born a male that whole hiding her pregnancy thing still doesn’t sit well with me😩

  14. Why is everyone feeling sorry for Liam? He cheated first years ago with Jennifer Lawrence. I don’t feel bad for him. You reap what you sow.

  15. Public figure–Bernie is using Cardi to reach millennials-black & brown ones especially. They want her to be seen as more than a stripper turned rapper.

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