August 16, 2022

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39 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Droppin Tea on The Industry

  1. Love this new droppin tea! Thanks heaven, and one question which I don’t see being talked about a lot, are like the kids in Hollywood(beys, kimK, etc) forced into witvhcraft and know about it and the rituals?

  2. Lmao yes I remember Capricorn she was Diddys right hand lady on making the band too. Always seemed kinda like something might have popped off with them.

  3. Hey jezuz! Na wa Ooo (In my Nigerian voice). Ugggh which guys from NY Undercover because Tommy from Martin was in it too 😭 And damn Aaliyah. Well they say skinny girls can tek pipe. Mate. This tea 😓 I’m like 💀🤭🙄😥😳👀😬

  4. Isn’t Capricorn the one who had a kids birthday day party where drake and Rihanna ran in to each other when they broke up. And is it true she’s Lauren London sister ?

  5. OOOH Hev you be coming string on em as you should and baby this one was awesome tea☕️☕️☕️☕️ Yassssssssssss

  6. The name Capricorn sounds real familiar and I always thought Zac Efron was so fine when he gotta be bi 🤦🏾‍♀️ Cassie is so lucky she got to fuck Nas cause he is the epitome of “black don’t crack” and I wonder what they use witchcraft for or do I really wanna know

  7. Wasn’t Capricorn the lady who worked for Diddy on one of his reality tv shows? It was either his Making the Band or Assistant show. The name is so unique so I thought I’d ask

  8. I just choked on my water!!!!

    Not Malik Yoba??!! Dang man

    And Cassie and Nas..was it a birthday gift for Nas or for Cassie?

  9. I can’t remember capricorn but she favors nipsy hussle bm damn…and the fact google say that’s lwuren london sister is weird to me.

    But cassie and nas ok cassie

    R.i.p aaliyah but I believe brandy when she said she tries to copy everything lol she gives an impression of a lil crazy girl that thinks she’s grown because she was fucking grown men (no offense i just ain’t think she was that much of an angel too).

  10. Damn, Heaven! I need a fuckin cigarette after that dick down. Shit!

    Kyle Barker…noooo surprise there! Been saw thru the flames

    Tevin…no shocker there.

    Malika Yoba?!? Well, damn. Not ashy lips!

    So, okay. This thing with Aaliyah. Why they make her out to be innocent in all THIS if she was doing all THAT?! And then who ultimately sacrificed her? Or was there no sabotage at all and it was just a horrific tragedy?

    And PLEASE go back to the nighttime lives. You’re on when I’m at work then get pressed when we ask what we missed 🤷🏾‍♀️. That or you on there singing and I dip in and back out 🤣🤣. No shade, just ain’t coming for a concert. Sorry boo!

  11. Damn, truth hurts about aaliyah. Shes still one of my faves

    I always thought Kyle from Living Single was a lil sweet but I didn’t think he was gay

    I enjoyed all this piping hot tea. Thanks Heaven!

  12. I been telling people’s for years…Aaliyah was a hot tamale. She got it in with Timberlake and Levin too. And Missy was out here turning biddies out too! Nicole Wray, Tweet, I think Lil Mo was part of the licky licky crew too. …allegedly

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