August 16, 2022

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42 thoughts on “The Truth About The Current Situations of Meg Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B

  1. I can see this and I ain’t mad! I mean no artist stays on top forever. Not even the one that thinks she’s the end all be all Giselle. She really doesn’t push numbers when it comes to records, her performances yes. And when was the last time she topped the charts?

    Cardi should have never been a thing less likely such a huge deal. I don’t get the fascination. She’s not even half as educated as Nicki. She’s an elites puppet to dumb down the masses.

    What do you mean If she “wants to be famous”? She’s already famous though.

      1. If you’ve been following the blog she’s stated many times yes she will still sale but nowhere near like she used to. They manipulate her numbers to make it seem like she flops. She said queen will be Nicki’s last number one album, and she won’t chart like she used to either.

  2. I’m happy that Meg (an actual black woman with actual talent) is being given this opportunity. BYE RETARDI.

    But my question is: Did Meg sacrifice her mother or not?…I have been tryna figure out but still can’t tell…

    1. I feel you, Megan, definitely as actual talent. for her to get into the industry and get sign she has to sell out and sacrifice but I really wish her the best and hope that she hasn’t done any of that and run away from the industry before its too late

    2. I dont want anyone to be replaced, i want alllll those rap bitches to shine. I love all their music. They need to leave them alone to their art and stop fucking pressuring them.

  3. Off topic but wat about Kash Doll??? Is she also “down”??? I dnt Think we talked about her yet. And that chik Suki, i been wondering about her for a while like if she sold her soul or not but i wasnt sure cause i dnt Think a lot of ppl kno her like that. I saw Her on Jerry Springer wit sum dude and they was dancing and that shit was hella funny lmao so that’s how i ended Up even knowing about her. I also See that she has gotten a few surgeries dun too but her body still doesn’t look right. When she posted that video about selling her soul i was reading in the comments where ppl was talking about Kash Doll selling her soul but that she got a lawyer and got out of the contract too but idk.

    1. Kash Doll to dark for Hollywood & i think they may even want meg to be lighter but she a solid brown they are willing to work with

    2. I been following suki for a while n I’ve been paying attention to her. Before her rant about selling her soul I see her post and delete a lot of things demonic like she tatted the baphomet in the middle of her chest and she also posted n deleted a video when she was talking bout the devil was taking her soul it was crazy.

      I sent all those videos to G and suki loves to post n delete shit but all those videos still sitting in G inbox from me on IG.

  4. I knew as soon as Megan hit, Cardi was done. Cardi doesn’t want that spotlight anyway so if she fades out, let her fade. Shell be happier and it’ll be all good.

  5. I understand all of it. Cardi never asked for fame she was thrown literally into superstardom. Reminds me of how they did Ashanti (getting prestigious awards from soul train music awards over MJB, Jill Scott and others without dropping her first album)…you can tell Cardi never went through her grooming phase. Which they probably thought would work because “she’s keepin it real”. LC realized that was a lot of money invested on an artist that “appears” to be losing appeal as fast as she’s gained it… this time, lets get a new hot artist to collaborate with Nick to drive her fans crazy, because after all, LC is a snake right?? Money is his bottom line. Not sure why Julie is confused…

  6. Can we get into this Nicki and Trina situation going on as of today? What’s the real relationship with those two. Trina was the only female rapper that Nicki ever fucked with and now the relationship is over due to the music video.

  7. I honestly do not see Meg as big. Maybe Trina fame but not Lil Kim fame but who am I to judge. The numbers will speak for themselves.

      1. Yes, they are. A certain music exec texted his radio friend in Atlanta (Frank Ski) to say how well Hot Girl Summer is being received in Europe where he’s yachting with Magic, LL, etc with their wives. Who knows if it’s true but thought the timing of it was interesting.

  8. I hope Megan doesn’t sign no contract like Cardi did with Atlantic records. Look at Cardi her label is literally ready to drop her in a heartbeat and I am not shocked these industry people don’t give a fuck about anybody but themselves. People need to stop blaming Nicki for the most basic shit ever damn leave that woman alone. Oh and Nicki don’t need that spot back she has already made her mark she just need to let this fake industry go. I will never understand why these sell their souls for fame and money that ain’t going to last.

  9. I believe it. As soon as I saw the hype around Meg I knew Cardi’s time was going to be limited. I am surprised how Nicki was able to turn this in her favor for the moment. Just gotta watch this play out.

    1. Also it is clear as day Meg wants it. She won’t be doing the back and forward like Cardi. Meg ready to do whatever those Elites say… smh.

  10. I want her to replace Cardi shit she is annoying and she can’t handle fame! It gets to her! I’m not saying it’s easy but it literally drives her insane BUT she gon choose to stay a star bc she cares what people think too much

  11. I’m not mad about the change. Cardi can’t handle the fame, her frequent outburst shows me she doesn’t have the thick skin to handle the music industry. Glad we.have other artisya to pay attention too.

    I’m skeptical on how far Meg thee Stallion is going to get. I truly hope I’m wrong, she has as good head on her shoulder. The music industry is so fickle. We can hype on person and we are already onto the next. What a horrible industry.

  12. Soon as Meg came through I had a feeling sutn like this would go down! Thanks to you G for keeping sis woke and up on shit! My eye was already on it, just was waiting on you to speak! I’m all for Meg coming through cuz her bars are crazy and Cardi just ehhh.. Nvm

  13. Megan isn’t ready for fame either. She acts like the typical 24 year old girl from the hood. Cardi was a typical 25 year old from the hood. The way Meg handled the reference track issue showed that she isn’t ready. I love Meg but she isn’t very versatile.

  14. She can honestly go sorry I stan talent. If she never wanted to be famous why take the deal ? She saw a bag ig & it was a way to help her family out so she took it. But people have to remember all money ain’t good money. She literally has no talent musically she should’ve just kept dancing & invested her money or something.

  15. I don’t like Megan she can rap but her presence is just not there. If she does replace Cardi B that’s quick as hell

  16. I also noticed that Cardi is starting to look a lot like Nicki they groom them all the same way. I won’t be surprised if Megan has surgery soon

  17. Meghan is from Texas. A Pimp C protege. She is going to do well regardless of this bullshit you talking. All my niggas UGK, Fat Pat, Scarface etc didn’t sell out to this bullshit ass industry. Fuck what you talking about. They used to sell tapes and CD’s out of their cars and made millions. I usually don’t speak on these things but Meg is going to do well because she is talented. Not because Cardi flops.

  18. I feel like Nicki is accepting the fact that she has to fall back but she rather it be a girl that looks up to her write her own shit and now that they got this song they “cool” Nicki know she can’t be on top forever but she wasn’t gonna let somebody like cardi just take her shit after working so hard

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