August 15, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Quick Hits 8/11/19

    1. I just got so much to say…… first off THIS SUGAR IS RIGHT UP MY ALLEY 😂😂 cause I follow all they asses‼️‼️ So anywho, I likeD Jess Hilarious but I DONT LIKE HER 😒😒…. like she and Apryl BOTH some FUCKN trifling ass hoes and 2 faced AF smh That live they did was confirmation and just sound stupid Af. Jess let the fame get to her head. It’s so sad.

      I DO NOT believe the shit they saying bout Moniece I BELIEVE MONIECE 100%. Period.

      I ALSO BELIEVE THE SHIT JESS WAS SAYING IS ALSO 100% FACTS TOO. The shit she was saying bout Apryl was NOT fabricated AT ALL.

    1. Liam was too good of a guy for Miley….. Usually it’s the man who regrets mistreating the woman but in this case Miley will regret doing him like this….

  1. Jess really a punk ass bitch and talk all that rah rah shit online 🤦🏾‍♀️ Just like she did when she was fucking kountry Wayne and ended up looking dumb af when he went back to his wife

    1. I feel she treats Kelly like a photo op. When you see them together it looks weird and not organic . It’s like she’s trying to prove she has friends, but all I ever see her around is Jay-z. She tried it when she befriended Serena Williams, but it didn’t mesh well to me as that was Kelly Rowland’s friend she just attached herself to😕😕

  2. I still think Miley likes black peen as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if still screwing Mike Will Made It.

  3. Miley Cyrus is annoying (like annoying times 100) and so is Moniece Slaughter.

    I think everyone knew Jeffrey “Orgy Island” Epstein was going to be murdered before he sang his song about the many other pedophiles in the public eye, the question is WHO orchestrated his demise.

    Amber Rose isn’t going to ruin her meal ticket because of Andy Cohen, he’s not paying nothing.

    And what’s the real deal with Kelly barely knowing “Giselle” anymore? 🤔 (as if that’s a shocker)

    let the hot tea spill…. i have my mug. 😎

  4. That is exactly my problem with Fizz too- he doesn’t defend Moniece like how she does him and I understand you may have had disagreements in the past but that’s the mother of your child who goes hard for you so you should defend her too! Fizz a clown anyways with this clown shit he’s doing with Apryl!

    Liam was always too good for Miley’s perdue chicken ass, G told us she was back fucking Mike Will so I wasn’t surprised when the half nekkid/tryna twerk videos started coming out

  5. 😝Forget that “Salmonella Purdue Chicken”, but Thank you for serving us this hot tea ☕😘 … Can you give us more on Kelly & Giselle ‘barely knowing one another anymore’? Something’s there, i can feel it.

  6. Oh boy, I am waiting patiently to know all about that Island, the weird blue and white building and every little corner og the underground bunker. Just watching the videos og the Island made me sick. Sick rich powerful fucks. Oh and he died so suddenly. You called it

  7. Bey doesn’t even know herself anymore either, tbh. I wish she’d divorce Jay, that would be a big comeback for her imo but she’s so egotistic these days and wants to stay relevant in today’s age making trap music n shit 😒 Maybe going broke is the reality she needs, but I know she ain’t willing to give up her lifestyle and #1 spot but shit, her popularity is starting to take a toll so let reality/karma take the wheel. All she’ll have left is the Beyhive when it’s all over. Poor Kelly, I just want to give her a hug. She deserves sooo much better

  8. Beyonce barely knows herself. Half the time she seems out of this world mentally so I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t have friends. It’s best if Kelly stayed away from that weirdo demon.

    When I saw the Miley story, I was not surprised

  9. I love me some Moniece!!! That’s my girl!
    Apryl and that non funny ass Jess were cringeworthy, to say the least. That chick said way too much disrespectful shit for hoe ass Apryl to be sitting up there on live with her ass. Just dumb.

  10. I was waiting on you to mention Miley lol.

    Andy can be annoying at times, but he has a point. Amber doesn’t need to go on shows if she is legally obligated not to talk and has no brand business to promote that would take up that time(which we know she doesn’t lol). That is common sense. It is a TALK show boo.

    Beyonce is NOT thinking about DC. She reps Carter and herself all day every day. I know Kelly and Michelle need that charity, but it isn’t happening. This is not to say that Kelly isn’t popping, but we know the elites won’t let her be great on her own. I think it is time Kelly and Michelle start to look outside the entertainment industry for success.

    Knew it was only a matter of time before we got the news Epstein was gonna be dead. We know those Elites don’t want those names to get out.

      1. Yea he tried a few weeks ago, but they were able to bring him back. But I knew it was just a matter of time before his “try” became a “done”.

  11. I wish Kelly would realize she don’t need to hide behind Beyonce. I mean Beyonce team will try to dim her light but any way but she should come out swinging!

  12. I’ve been following Moniece from the jump and she’s most definitely a real one and you’re right he’ll let anyone speak ill if her in front of his face and won’t say shit but she never even when she didn’t have her son and he was with Fizz she NEVER let ppl talk about his trifling ass😩😩😩

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