August 15, 2022

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49 thoughts on “The Truth About Steve Harvey The Woods Brothers

  1. Well damn. I knew Marjorie had a messy past but not this messy. How is she cool with birthing sibling-cousins? Girl what? This is too much

      1. I bet Steve made a deal with her first husband to leave her alone, quit calling and I will get you out of jail. He was a threat. Shit he is a fine as hell at 70. Jail does the body well🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. I really don’t know how she did it….. I was just never attracted to that lifestyle. I’ll stick with my normal men lol. I’m not taking no bids and nobody is coming looking for me.

  3. Okkk, well I guess if someone needs a kidney or heart…they don’t have to go too far. Geez that’s too much dna involved.

  4. Sound like she was dropping these men left and right to make sure she herself didn’t get caught with her own dealings smfh. She’ll drop Steve when his money start slowing and probably use his fame to find another millionaire/billionaire. Shoot probably one of those elites who knows! No shock she setting Lori up to be the way she is. Rappers was in they feelings over her not claiming them whole time they don’t know she been trained to be a man eater By her mama. They gonna be in for a rude awakening with Sean combs, cause his power goes far bigger than all that. Lori better ask Cassie what she went through all those years!

  5. Marjorie did wat she had to do to put food on the table… If she attracts or likes men with $$$ so wat, why should she settle??

  6. Amazing how this chick has other children but all we ever see and hear about is Lori. She’s a messy something. Hope she is able to make it through when the ball drops. I’m ready to read this book though

  7. I been hearing about his book I wonder when he’s gonna drop that hot tea? G I kept hearing that Steve was paying one of them off to keep quiet was the true?

  8. Smh Marj is trash and she’s training up Lori to be just as trash. Grooming Lori to carry the torch to cover for when her shit hits the fan

    1. What’s worse is , he’s not really messing with his own kids like that. The twins was pissed off they was invited to the “ family trip”.

  9. Damm, she did whatever it took to secure the bag. Lori would probably endure whatever because of how much legal money Diddy has

  10. Damn so when she change her kids last name? One day she just said you gettin yo step daddy last name lmao

  11. When does Essie Berry come in? Because she let Steve and his family have it and I seen the YouTube videos where they were messing with her because she was exposing everything. You said she was a hero but did she do more?

  12. You answered my one question at the end because reading this all I’m thinking is ..girl if his first divorce isn’t final then what do you get in the end . But she’s no dummy I’m sure she set herself up well .

  13. This is a hot mess. Why did Steve give Lori his last name but not the 2 older kids from Townsend. And Steve with his non divorcing azz. I am glad to know Marcia remarried because that seems to be the only proof to know he legally ended that marriage. If it would be left up to Steve, he would pull a Frankie Lymon, married to 3 different women at the same time. This is such a hot mess.

    1. All 3 of Marjorie’s kids got Steve’s last name. Morgan is married with kids, so her name is different now. And Jason is married with kids as well. One of Steve’s twin daughters, Karli, is also married with a child. Steve’s 2 son’s, Wynton & Broderick Jr. both have girlfriends. Not sure about Brandi being in a relationship.

    1. She probably was an informant. Everybody getting caught up but her. Even tho the first one took a plea bargain, the Feds had to have known she was still running that drug line

  14. It makes TOTAL sense even more now WHY LORI IS THE WAY SHE IS…. her mom taught her the game‼️‼️ Like I been saying her mom put the battery in her back. But the thing is I wonder about, even if they’re NOT married, DOES THE MARRIAGE OVERRIDE A WILL????

    What if Steve has a detailed will???? Isn’t that the only thing that might save Majorie?

  15. I knew Lori wasn’t his biological child but I didn’t know she was conceived in the most awkward way possible smh…. come to think of it….

    IF SHE REALLY DID DATE DIDDY SON it would make sense why she really didn’t give NOT ONE FUCK 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤣🤣

    But I’m one of the folks who think diddy song was just the FACE I think Lori n DIDDY was dating the whole time lol but IJS…..

  16. So technically, he and Mary are still divorced. Did she ever challenge it? We all know Margie messing as poop, well so is Steve for knowing he’s fake married to Margie.

    1. They are still legally married. Mary tried, but Steve get paying off Mary’s lawyers so she won’t get nothing.

  17. Damn Lady Heroin was on the move she’s show to the 10th power… Doing brothers and cousins how nasty can you be😳😩 Well at least Mary will hey everything if anything happens to Steve you never know maybe he knew exactly what he was doing🤔🤔🤔

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