August 16, 2022

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  1. And ppl wonder why Mariah Carey is considered an haux. Nick Cannon tried to defend her on a vladtv interview but he knows the truth. And no 20 year old marries the president of Sony 20 years her senior out of love. I ain’t hatin it’s the dishonesty I can’t stand. Her reasoning against Motala was he was controlling where j couldn’t party at night nor wear Skippy outfits. Well duh hoe you’re a WIFE and he’s OLD SCHOOL. I think she was more of a teenager and he was the dad. He knew he couldn’t trust her.

  2. I knew it! I called it! Haha I was wondering why Heav had turned his comments off after I made my guess but I then I quickly thought it was no big deal. Haha a true sugar baby always pays attention and connects the sugar lol

  3. And Mariah swears she’s so innocent 😇 she’s such a delusional fool. Talented but delusional nonetheless 🙄

  4. Is it safe to say that the entertainment industry is really just a cover up for prostitution? This is to include men as well as women….

  5. How you join the heavens Hollywood blog. I missed the promo. Now I can’t find it anywhere on here just to join anyway

  6. I know Cardi trembling right now lmao people are on nicki and meg ass it’s like they forgot they was just bashing nicki lmao talk about that next lol

  7. All I can say is a been knew Jay was a Fk Boi and only out for self and his own personal gain abd I’m quite sure Lyor for him some that night as well😜😳🧐

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